Bill Hemmer Takes Shep Smith’s Spot As Fox’s Lead Breaking News Anchor

Forbes: Fox News has named Bill Hemmer to a new role, taking over as permanent host of the 3 p.m. ET hour that’s been filled by a rotating team of anchors since Shepard Smith left the network in October. “Bill is an incredible newsman and his ability to cut to the heart of the story while humanizing major events has made him a standout talent in news,” said Jay Wallace, Fox News Media president and executive editor, in a statement released by the network.

Hemmer, who currently anchors the network’s three-hour daytime block, America’s Newsroom, with Sandra Smith, has been a fixture at the network since 2005. He will take the 3 p.m. hour, to be branded Bill Hemmer Reports, beginning January 20. “As a journalist, I am extremely grateful for this opportunity,” Hemmer said in a statement. “Leading our breaking news division with a signature hour has enormous value to me, personally, and to our audience. We’ve got a fantastic team here and I am excited to get to work.” read more

12 Comments on Bill Hemmer Takes Shep Smith’s Spot As Fox’s Lead Breaking News Anchor

  1. Hemmer seems to be a ‘fresonable’ journalist, certainly not the anti-Trumper that Sandy Smith (or Shemp Smith, for that matter) is.

    … we’ll see

  2. Good for him. Did he ask. . .
    Is the Shep Production Team embedded with the deal or what?

    Also. . .
    How many Wallaces are there?

  3. Will Chris Wallace and Juan Williams still on staff, it’s still very clear that Fox doesn’t have a clue.

    Not watching, not following on the Internet either. They are no longer relevant. They are MSM now…

  4. Every time I saw Smith I it gave me of the same feeling I got as a kid when Mom watched Liberace on TV! Even as a little kid I thought “there’s something wrong with that guy!” I’m a lot older now, but the disgust is still the same!

  5. Good choice. Hemmer gives some balance to the leftist slugs like Wallace and Williams. Definitely an improvement over Shemp! BTW – I’ve understood he’ll be signed by one of the leftist news organizations and doing his reporting from a San Francisco bath house! ;^)


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