Bill introduced to cut off post-Speaker’s goodies

Boehner Gets Hill Digs, Hundreds of Thousands in Benefits. Two Conservatives Want to Change That.


DS: John Boehner might be out of a job. But by law, the former House speaker still will enjoy a Capitol Hill office complete with a full-time staff, all on the taxpayer’s tab.

Two conservative lawmakers are trying to change that.

Reps. Walter Jones, R-N.C., and Thomas Massie, R-Ky., were set to introduce legislation today to deny Boehner those benefits, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Taxpayers could be on the hook for millions, Massie says.

Current federal law provides funding for a former House speaker to maintain office space and staff to wrap up business related to his tenure. read more

SNIP: Read more about it directly from Walter Jones’ site.

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  1. I hate this cancerous puss bag of gin and vermouth and bacteria. I wish the psycho homosexual bartender at his county club would have succeeded in poisoning him to death. That would have been a win-win for us all. Boner in the dirt and another psychotic demoncrat Hitlery voter in prison. Boner is one of lucifers puppets. Truly an

    Do not forget his devious sabotage against our country. He is a s guilty as odinga, hitlery, reid , pelosi, and the like. It would be awesome.if they let Charlie Manson out of prison with all of their photos and addresses on a piece of paper in his pocket.

  2. Not only will he be collecting an exorbitant sum as his “speaker pension,” that “office space/staff to wrap up official bidness” is his nifty location for easy lobbying in his new lucrative multimillion- dollar career.

  3. The sole purpose of today’s Congress is to separate taxpayers from their money. And a little swag to this old Menshevik pustule is small potatoes compared to Solyndra, Ener1, GM, Chrysler, Wind Farms, Solar Boondoggles, Bullet Trains, scientific “research” (like shrimps on a treadmill and why dykes are fat), Davis-Bacon employees, smuggled weapons to ISIS, and ObolaCare.

    Good luck with that.

  4. I wish luck to those 2 conservative lawmakers. They’ll have a hard time getting it passed. All the Progs & RINOS have visions of that sugarplum image in their heads and are hoping to be sitting there that pretty someday.

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