Black Lives Matter Activist Charged With ‘Lynching’ Will Spend 90 Days In Jail

MRCtv: On July 7, Black Lives Matter activist Jasmine Richards was found guilty of “lynching,” which is defined as “attempting to unlawfully remove a suspect from police offers.”

blm jas. richards arrest

Richards was arrested last summer after attempting to interfere with the arrest of a woman who had avoided paying her bill at a restaurant. Richards, along with other Black Lives Matter activists, assumed that a white storeowner was unfairly treating the black woman. As MRCTV previously reported:

To keep from agitating the BLM group, officers waited about half an hour until Escoe had left the park before detaining her. At that time, protesters intervened and tried to prevent the arrest. (Because obviously, when any white cop is arresting a black woman, the cop is obviously committing a hate crime.)

Not surprisingly, these Black Lives Matter birdbrains made that assumption because according to them, all white people are the spawn of Satan.  MORE

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  2. That’s what happens when you “assume”. Makes an “ass” out of “u” and “me”.

    And really, all these idiots that hate whitey? I’d LOVE to remove from their lives all artifacts, devices and inventions that “whitey” created, and see how well they (don’t) live.
    That, or send them all back to their African ancestral homeland. Same thing.

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