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BLM Mayor of Richmond, VA Digs Up Remains of Confederate General

National File: Richmond, Virginia’s BLM-aligned mayor, LeVar Stoney, ordered crews to dig up the remains of Confederate General AP Hill, which were buried beneath his former monument. The digging up of the General’s remains was a long-time goal of Stoney and BLM, as they’ve sought to remove all traces of the Confederacy from Virginia’s capital city, where monuments to Christopher Columbus and other White historical figures unrelated to the Civil War have also come under attack. more

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  1. “A legal battle continues though as for the fate of the General’s monumental headstone, which Stoney and Richmond Democrats say belongs in a black history museum, not on top of the General’s grave.”

    These assholes are never satisfied. The more you cave in to them, the more they want.

  2. From what I’ve read, AP Hill was never a slave owner. Also from what I’ve read, Richmond is now a shithole run by BLM progressives. Hill is probably grateful they got his remains out of there.

  3. “Down the memory hole.”
    Rewrite the past, own the present, control the future.
    Maggots get away with these outrages because humans can’t muster enough GAF.

    When enough is enough we won’t be digging up bones; we’ll be burying them.
    (or just burning the carcasses in giant pits)

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Poor old A.P. Hill. He was originally buried in Richmond’s Hollywood cemetery. Then moved Monument Avenue, now off to Culpeper.

    So much for Rest In Peace.

    As for Richmond, I haven’t been there since the BGF days (Before George Floyd).

    Now just wait for Mayor Stoney to complain that tourism dollars are down. There’s absolutely no reason to go to Richmond anymore.

    It was once a fairly pleasant place, with a few bad neighborhoods. Now it is just one big bad neighborhood.

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