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Bloomberg Gets Endorsements From A Weiner And A Bush

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Downtrend: Anti-gun billionaire busybody Michael Bloomberg has been floating the possibility that he will run for president in this year’s election as an independent. As preposterous as that sounds, he’s already managed to pick up a pair of endorsements from a couple of preposterous sources. Serial dick pic sender Anthony Weiner says Bloomy can win and GOP pseudo candidate Jeb Bush calls him a great guy.


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  1. Mike,

    I’m not gonna vote for you, but I think it would be a lot of fun for us if you did run.

    Pass the popcorn and the beer, please….

  2. That crosseyed image of jebbush always cracks me up. Weiner always has the expression he is about to erupt, and not in a good way

  3. Whenever I see a pic of Weiner, the only thing that stands out is that nose of his, it looks like a penis. Jeb doesn’t even look like a member of the Bush family, no wonder his mother has to show up from time-to-time to reassure him that she was his egg donor.

  4. Remember when we’d lament anything the gov’t built or produced having the unmistakable stamp of “lowest bidder” attached to it? Now, it’s just the pols.

    Stimulate the economy by spending yours and your Libtard millionaire’s friends money.
    Not a snowball’s chance in hell you’ll come even CLOSE to winning, but SPEND, MIKEY, SPEND!!

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