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BMW Admits Pride Month Posts Are Just Virtue Signaling

It’s day four of pride month, and graphic designers around the Western World are enjoying their overtime pay having rainbowified corporate logos for social media.

For the next four weeks, corporations will proudly display their commitment to inclusivity before throwing that all out the window come July 1.

However, it’s not a universal display of support. Just ask Mercedes-Benz, or BMW, or Cisco…more

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  1. The Homosexual activists are just as phony. They march and protest where they are safe. Protest in the Middle East, not Los Angeles. Leave the Christian bakers alone and go pester moslem bakers. Remember, Black Civil Rights activist marched where they were not safe or wanted.

    Never forget the brave homos at the Pulse nightclub who died as they lived: On their knees in a men’s room covered in other people’s body fluids.
    What Tucson

  2. “Something has definitely changed.” Yes, businesses have learned that ignoring pride month can be safely done without any effect on the bottom line. Homosexuals are a very small minority of the population, and in many instances “celebrating” pride month is worse for profits than just ignoring it.

    If your business is in the Castro district in San Francisco, which has a large concentration of gay folk, the pride flag is probably a permanent fixture. But if you’re in my neck of the woods, displaying a pride symbol is a good way to piss off some of your customer base. Sure, it’s cynical, but it’s just business.


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