Boehner ‘Could Not Be Closer’ to Mitch McConnell, Hasn’t Spoken to Ted Cruz Since He’s Been Elected

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House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), who said on Sunday that he can “absolutely” get Republicans to pass immigration legislation in the next Congress, believes his close relationship with potential Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) will pay dividends if McConnell wins reelection and the GOP takes back the Senate.

According to, Boehner “said his strong relationship with McConnell would prove constructive in a GOP-led Congress.”

“(McConnell) and I could not be closer,” Boehner reportedly said. “We understand each other very well.”



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  1. Got time for Throw Up Thursday? – K, THIS ought to piss you off

    VA hospital lacks PJ’s, sheets and toothbrushes, yet spends millions on new furniture, TVs and solar

    Veterans at the Shreveport, La., Veterans Administration hospital have been going without toothbrushes, toothpaste, pajamas, sheets and blankets while department officials spend money on new Canadian-made furniture, televisions to run public service announcements and solar panels, a Watchdog investigation has revealed.

    Sources inside the hospital told that patients also have had to contend with substandard care, as many nurses spend less time on work than on cell phones, iPods or accessing personal data on hospital computers.

    “It shouldn’t be like this. These are our veterans,” one employee said. “When I saw those solar panels out there and they waste money on things like new TVs that just play (public service) announcements, it really made me angry.”

    According to the VA, the department spent $74,412 on 24 flat screen TVs for “patient/employee information” — one 50 inches wide and the others 42 inches. The furniture cost $134,082 and the solar project was approximately $3 million.

    Shreveport’s Overton Brooks VA Medical Center was built in 1950 and its linens look like they’ve been around just as long. Sheets and blankets often have holes or are threadbare. Pajamas are missing buttons or snaps and are ripped. But patients who get even these items are the lucky ones.

    By the weekend, the hospital runs out while waiting for its supply of laundry to arrive from 125 miles away, where it was cleaned at another VA hospital in Pineville, La.

    The VA said it doesn’t contract with a local vendor because the employees in Pineville are veterans, but it did not address why it would spend $3 million on solar panels to help the environment yet condone burning millions of gallons of gasoline.

    “The patients don’t complain, they are wonderful,” the employee said regarding the lack of resources. “They are so appreciative of the care. That’s the least of their problems, these ratty, torn pajamas.”



    oh, is anybody as sick as i am at the union teachers always whining about not making enough money and they spend THEIR OWN MONEY for school supplies for the kids (because republicans suck and hate kids)



    NO, you’re not

  2. Obviously Boehner and Cruz have nothing to talk about with Cruz being an American patriot defender of the Constitution and wholesome American values and Boehner being an un-American douche bag, defender of society’s Looters and satanic, leftist values.

  3. I think if you stand Boner and McConnell side by side I can get both of them with a nice round house kick, with my size 14 steel toe work boots on. 😉

  4. I had the mispleasure to encounter this piece of work first hand at a election call center once.

    He made a special ‘guest appearance’.

    He’s definitely orange and was the oiliest SOB I ever saw speak.
    The guy sweats 10W40.

  5. Johnny Boehner grew up to be the GOP version of
    Joe Bite Me and he’s pleased about it. If McTurtle
    wasn’t a Senator he’d be selling New Mexico raw
    land plots to retired seniors in Michigan.

  6. “(McConnell) and I could not be closer,” Boehner reportedly said. “We understand each other very well.”

    Sounds like conjoined twins.

  7. Between a bad attitude, huge man jugs, and a turkey neck (not to mention spellcheck telling me to go home), I can’t remember why I am posting this.
    Oh well.
    Life sucks then you don’t die.
    My GF is a Jehova’s Witless, and they say we will all be resurrected. I will be able to pet a lion while it licks a sheep and a little girl looks at me with goo-goo eyes. And she’s not even my teacher!
    No THANK YOU, MOTHERFUCERS! ONCE IS MORE THAN ENOUGH…(Can’t wait to see my parents….)

  8. What? Boehner gets a boner for McConnell and that is news? 20 years ago, Boehner, in congress had some strong conservative standings. This just proves that the longer one remains in politics, the more they get corrupted or softened up by trying to solve problems for everyone as they pander for reelection votes. Term limits are needed to keep from establishing a establishment senate and house.

  9. The Squeaker is a piece of sh-t, plain and simple.

    If there is one person responsible for the damage done by ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ (or whoever he really is) it is this bastard, because he totally enabled the Ebola Boy and stabbed those who elected him right in the back.

    This scumbag needs to get a Tea Party foot up his ass in November.

    If we sweep in the elections, are YOU going to tolerate the likes of Boehner remaining at the head the House of Representatives?

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