Border Patrol Agents Stopped the Uvalde Shooter. Democrats Now Want to Investigate Their Actions. – IOTW Report

Border Patrol Agents Stopped the Uvalde Shooter. Democrats Now Want to Investigate Their Actions.


It has become increasingly evident that members of the Border Patrol, specifically those on the elite BORTAC team, defied orders from Uvalde police and breached the classroom the shooter was in at Robb Elementary School in order to stop the attack.

The local police appeared to believe the situation had turned from an active shooter to a “barricaded” subject despite 9-1-1 calls being made by children who were trapped inside the classroom with the shooter. If not for the Border Patrol agents, the shooter could have claimed more lives. Now, House Democrats on the Homeland Security Committee want to investigate the agents’ role in killing the shooter.

“We commend the law enforcement personnel who responded to the shooting and acted to help save students and teachers and prevent further loss of life. At the same time, this tragedy raises questions about what authorities and responsibilities DHS personnel have in such situations, what agreements are in place related to the Department’s law enforcement personnel providing support State and local law enforcement agencies, and whether the Department intends to bolster its school security efforts…” members of the committee wrote in a letter to DHS. more here

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  1. The guy was a parent rescuing his part of his family.

    This goes hand in hand with the government crooks investigating parents who speak at school board meetings, or dare to read aloud from the porn the board approved of for text books. Declaring PARENTS as Domestic terrorists.

    I’m so tired of the clowngress grabbing power where they have none.

    More horrid; clowngress gives itself a raise every chance they can.

    The Congress of States convention should be like a runaway freight train, by now!

    Choosing senators goes back to the states; clowngress pay raises only if state constituents approve; TERM LIMITS; AUDIT EVERY PART OF THE GOVERNMENT.

    And no campaigning on the taxpayer clock! Clowngress is a part time job. Campaigning is what they do most of the time. We, the taxpayer pays for that!

    Term limits;

  2. No permanent homes in D.C.

    They should live like the military does when they are deployed!

    In fact, no member of clowngress should get any more pay or privilege than our military members.

  3. “Well yeah, you saved my life with the defibrillator, but you tore my shirt”

    Or something to that effect.

  4. Always keep in mind that everything Dems do is aimed at the upcoming election. This principle, as elucidated by the late, great El Rushbo, serves as an unerring guide to sniffing out Dem motives and moves.

  5. Investigation you betcha. They had no right & no authority going in there! Not their job! If the local police choose not to go in, they have to follow those in charge. Damn border agents, not a local police force!
    Those border agents should be reprimanded, & put on unpaid leave. In this sue me, sue you culture, I see lawsuits all over the actions of any/all involved.

  6. So the whole Uvalde police department is in serious CYA mode because it makes the former commander look bad and he’s a potential rising star amongst Texas democrats.

    Here’s my theory of what went wrong: The school resource officer was off-campus, away from his post, without authorization. So that he wouldn’t have to badge back in to the building, thus creating a record of his absence, he called somebody to prop open the door for him. And that’s how the shooter got in. After that, the entire episode went South and is an embarrassment for democrats.

    I was impressed with the post somewhere the other day that asked “how many more children must die?” before you let us take your guns. And the writer posited that the question means, How many more of your children do we have to kill before you let us take your guns?

    We are at war, and children are common collateral damage. The left wants the power to re-make America as a top-down, ordered society ruled by elitists.

  7. “They wrecked our plans!!!… We wanted 50+ kids killed!!! Goddammit!!!”

    – Filthy democrat motherfuckers (like there is any other kind now)

  8. Max, who hit the go button too fast before. JUNE 4, 2022 AT 4:23 AM

    …to further that muse,
    Selection to congress should be like jury duty.
    Eat in a dining hall.
    Do your own work (no need for congressional aids)
    Ride Greyhound Bus for transportation
    Same healthcare that you voted in for the rest of us.

  9. They paid a lot of cash to get that lil’ puke armed, and inserted into the school unmolested. I bet they’re really pissed.

  10. Your children killing children, man up bozos! Texas is republican, police force is republican, shooter was republican, f’n losers. Give your kids more guns & see what happens with that hate you feed em.

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