Bosnian Woman Cleans People’s Eyes by Licking Their Eyeballs

OddityCentral– Hava Celebic, an 80-year-old woman from the Bosnian village of Crnjevo, claims to be somewhat of a miracle worker. She is allegedly able to clean people’s eyes of various debris using only her tongue.

Celebic, who is known as “Nana Hava” in her home village, says she learned the bizarre medical procedure a long time ago, from another woman, also called Hava. She has been cleaning people’s eyes by licking their eyeballs, for decades now, and claims to have been sought out by people of all nationalities, from Russians to Americans. Many of Hava’s patients turn to her out of desperation, after modern medical procedures fail to solve their problems. But her tongue is apparently infallible when it comes to locating and removing various debris – pieces of lead, iron, coal, sawdust and glass – from people’s eyes.  MORE

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  1. It’s a Serbian thing – it’s called optic cleansing. For her it’s just a contact sport. Judy Carne told her to ‘socket to me’….this actually started in Poland with Lick Walesa….

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