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Boston FBI office set the standard for incompetence

Howie Carr: Sometimes it seems like the Boston office of the FBI — dumpster fire of breathtaking corruption and incompetence that it is — serves as a field laboratory for the Democrat briefers in D.C. whose mission it is to crush any opposition to the Deep State.

All week long, since the FBI’s Stasi-style raid on Mar-a-Lago, it’s been deja vu all over again for anyone who’s been paying attention to the decades of multiple messes that our local on-the-take G-men have been diving headfirst into.

Everything corrupt, illegal or unethical that the FBI does nationally, they did a dry run here first — just to see just how much they could get away with.

The answer is: Plenty, especially now in Brandon’s Banana Republic.

Remember how this week the D.C. Gestapo told us the raid was a matter of national security? Trump left office in January 2021, almost 19 months ago. Yet the jackbooted wokesters only now figured there’s a “national security” problem?

It’s foot-dragging reminiscent of the feds’ hunt for Whitey Bulger, the serial-killing brother of the most powerful Democrat politician in the state.

Whitey took it on the lam in December 1994, with his gal pal Theresa Stanley. She couldn’t take the fugitive life, so she came back to Boston. The feds didn’t get around to interviewing her about Whitey’s aliases until the summer of 1996.

By then he’d been stopped at least twice by local cops — in Wyoming and Mississippi — for minor traffic infractions. But the cops didn’t know that they were dealing with a mass murdering cocaine-dealing registered Democrat, because the feds couldn’t be bothered debriefing his moll.

It’s in the FBI handbook. Wherever investigating a fellow Democrat, a G-man must leave no stone unturned — except the one that the comrade, in this case Whitey, is hiding under (for 17 years). more here

8 Comments on Boston FBI office set the standard for incompetence

  1. Assuming there are some honest FBI agents — and that is a big assumption — they must find it frustrating that no will will even give them directions to the mens room these days.

  2. sad to note that Boston was an original hot bed of the Revolution, where the concept of ‘We, the People’ sparked

    today, it’s one of the bulwarks of Government Rule

  3. The FbI/Doj raid was designed to provoke an armed uprising by Trump supporters or encourage nationwide protests which could be exploited and manipulated by these agencies including by the democrat party and their co-conspirators. Same was seen when it was exposed that the Jan6 incident was penetrated by Fbi agents dressed up as maga supporters among them to provoke, lie about, and plant evidence. If these sinister dark-web fed agencies succeed, it will be a reason for them to engage in further unjust and widespread arrests, armed UN troops, martial law, and a (continued) hostile takeover of America and her peoples. ESPOSURE is the one thing among many that these plantation branding iron-using democrats are afraid of.

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