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Boycott of Target and Kellogg’s Deters Corporate Bullying, Says American Family Association

Breitbart: Many corporate executives are now ducking left-wing advocacy because they’ve seen how Target Corp.’s pro-transgender push sparked a painful customer boycott, says Ed Vitagliano, executive vice president of the American Family Association.

The economically damaging boycott of Target “makes it easier for [other] company officials to address gay groups, transgender groups, and say ‘We have a responsibility to our shareholders and we do not want to anger our customer base, and so we’re not taking your side or the other side,’” in political fights, he told Breitbart News.

Vitagliano praised Breitbart’s self-defense against cereal-producer Kellogg’s, which recently announced it would join a progressive campaign to block Internet advertising on Breitbart’s news site. The progressive campaign is intended to get companies to restrict the free speech of mainstream political news companies, such as Breitbart, which do not comply with progressives’ ideological agendas. In response, Breitbart is urging Americans to deter corporate suppression of free-speech by joining the popular and effective boycott of Kellogg’s products.  more

11 Comments on Boycott of Target and Kellogg’s Deters Corporate Bullying, Says American Family Association

  1. So Kellogg’s does enjoy taking it in the backside.

  2. I will never look at a bowl of frosted flakes the same way again.

  3. I have been saying punch back at left-wing shitfingers ever since I was a kid growing up and the advice has always been to just ignore them. Ignoring them doesn’t do anything except embolden the sons a bitches. But they are quintessential bullies and as soon as someone stands up to them they back down.

  4. Kellogg’s has ONE JOB. Just one simple job.
    Take 10 cents worth of generic grain, spray it with sugar and sell the box for $4.
    No politics, no Marxism, no homo.

    Switching to store brand generics is the easiest act possible, and saves you 50% as a bonus.

    I’ve bought store generic cereal for years.
    OTOH, my better half, like many ladies, still preferred to buy ‘name brands’ like Kellogg’s whenever they’re on sale.
    But now she’s joined the Breitbart boycott.
    No more Kellogg’s, ever again, from now on.

    Future corporate PR “apologies” won’t change our minds.
    Kellogg’s is dead to us now, like Target and a host of Lefty entertainers.

    MAGA! With a vengeance.


  5. Kellogg’s and Target can cater to who they want. It’s their business. The rest of us can shop elsewhere. Most brand name cereals are way over priced. I avoid them. Fred Meyer(Kroger) carries much of the say products as Target and at better prices, in most instances.

  6. So they’re saying that I can bully a corporation? Damn, that’s a switch.

  7. Fresh fruit!
    It’s what’s for breakfast!
    (followed by a cigar and a bottle … er … glass of scotch)

    To Hell with that sugar-coated cardboard.

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. Breakfast is bullet-proof coffee.

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