Brand new luxury apartment building is now open for the homeless – IOTW Report

Brand new luxury apartment building is now open for the homeless

Brand new luxury apartment building is now open for the homeless in Los Angeles, with 278 units in the Weingart Tower. Each unit costs $600,000 in the $165 million project.

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  1. We should take that place over and fill it full of homeless vets. Take my word for it, Newsom’s in love with “New Arrivals”. That’s what they plan on filling it with.

  2. $165 million to create a place that, in 24 months max, will be so trashed that it will be cheaper to tear down and rebuild than to try to refurbish. So, that will be $100 million to raze, and another $300 million to rebuild (inflation, don’t ya know). By 2028 that’ll be over a half billion shat on and flushed away.

    Ms Bass and Mr Newsom need to meet Commander Woodchipper.

  3. But, but, but, once they are allowed in they are no longer homeless! Does that mean they then have to be kicked out? But then again, once they are kicked out they are once again homeless and must be allowed back in! Owwwwwwwwwwwww, government makes my head hurt!

  4. Government isn’t spending the money, but in the biggest town near me, a local Church has let them be on their property with tents. Locals are calling it tent city. They are 100% druggies, I saw people yesterday bringing them cases of water and canned meat. They’re constantly stealing from residents in town, cops arrest them, but then judges let them back out. Church goers supposedly were assaulted by them as well as them breaking into their vehicles. The bleeding hearts are too stupid to realize if they can figure out how to get their drugs, they can figure out how to support themselves.

  5. Insanity wins again in California. Of course the occupants will trash it. If it is possible to steal the iron girders, cement, pipes, and foundation, they’d steal all of it and sell it for drugs.

    There are many more homeless in LA than are in 278 families. They’ll have to build a whole bunch more hi-rises to accomodate them all, or the liberal pansies will scream Unfair because lots of them weren’t invited to move in.

    Like always we taxpayers get the bill.

  6. ^^^^ I followed up and found this:

    LOS ANGELES – The 2023 Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count results were released today, showing a 9% rise in homelessness on any given night in Los Angeles County to an estimated 75,518 people and a 10% rise in the City of Los Angeles to an estimated 46,260 people.

  7. So far as I can tell, “solving” the homeless problem is nothing but a scam to funnel money to cronies. LA progressives don’t really want to solve the homeless problem, nor do they care about those folks – it’s a cash grab.

  8. So they build it on skid row, so when the former homeless people living there leave the building they will step right out into all the fellow drug addicts and crazies they were just part of.

    They are building another one or two of these homeless country clubs, California is so fucked up it is unbelievable. The amount of resources they waste on the nuts on Venice Beach is crazy.

    Paramedics & Police respond to “deal” with 1 Man 4 times same Day

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