Brave people of China protest tyrannical Covid lockdowns – IOTW Report

Brave people of China protest tyrannical Covid lockdowns

‘Take down the CCP! Take down Xi Jinping!’

In its attempt to reach “zero-Covid,” communist China has resorted to tyrannical and authoritarian measures, locking down citizens and instituting brutal restrictions on movement, causing citizens to rise up in protest resulting in growing tension between the CCP and its people.

FLASHBACK: Fauci praised China for renewed lockdowns—this week the CCP left people to burn alive in an apartment building after welding it shut.

8 Comments on Brave people of China protest tyrannical Covid lockdowns

  1. When you have nothing to lose…we’re headed in that direction. What happened to all that republican talk about “the first thing we’ll do is fire the 87k irs scum.”

  2. What will it take for the world to acknowledge the brave Americans that put down their tyranny? It would probably take us doing something. Where does the first shot get fired?

  3. Will PIG Taffyhead BIDEN support them?

    The Coward wouldn’t support the Iranians
    who are risking their lives for freedom
    altho Shithead Biden’d rather deal with
    how much money he can get from Qatar and China.

    When the world calls for freedom and liberty
    and release from autocratic and dictorial
    regimes, he would rather seek one world
    government which would be


  4. Those IDIOTS! This is playing right into what The Party wants! There are elections coming up! In China! The propaganda machine is going to make them look like extremists! All they need to do is enforce The (Chinese) Constitution. And wait. Some more. Again.

    (and remember, kids: Patriots got your back)
    (well, they’re doin’ somethin’ back there… don’t ask)

  5. Anonymous, too stupid to understand that the incoming Repubs who would control the house, can’t do jack shit until they take office…IN JANUARY!


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