Breaking News: Another Shooting at Fort Hood

Shooter Identified as Ivan Lopez. 34 years-old.

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Twitter #FortHoodShooting Feed (may or may not work, my apologies if it doesn’t -follow the #FortHood #FortHoodShooting hashtags if you have a Twitter account for the latest news).

Lotsa coverage over at GatewayPundit.

Ft. Hood shooting was reportedly ‘soldier on soldier’ incident – No terrorism


26 Comments on Breaking News: Another Shooting at Fort Hood

  1. Not serious enough for our Commander in Chief to cancel his thousand dollar a plate fundraiser. I’ll bet W is on post tonight visiting the wounded, just like he was in 2009. Any wonder why vets love W and don’t like Barry?

  2. More workplace violence.

    Doubtless another deranged tea partier moved to violence by a hateful video.

  3. Early news reports have stated that there is anywhere from 1 to 10 active or non-active shooters. Who may ot may not be dead. This act may or may not be terror related. I’m sure all of these questions will be answered when reporters ask loads of questions that police will not be able to answer. News media needs to get a grip.

  4. Won’t be long until they run out of information to report. My bet is they will stoop to putting cameras in front of widows of the first Fort Hood shooting soon.

    “How does this make you feel?”
    “Does this shooting make you think of that awful day?”

    Dirty Laundry…

  5. Something really stinks about this incident. Yesterday, the FBI and the Army announced that they were looking for a recently terminated Army recruit who announced his intention to commit a Ft. Hood style jihad.

    They apparently had him in custody earlier, interrogating him, but let him go. And now this happens at Ft. Hood.

    Why did they let him go?
    Is this shooting today by the same guy?
    If so, how did he get on base?
    If not, how could Ft. Hood not be on high, high alert, given the threat made earlier?

    Things aren’t adding up here.

  6. if it was an American soldier who is the perp…it was DOMESTIC TERRORISM

    if it was a Moslem camel-fucking barbarian savage….it was WORKPLACE VIOLENCE

  7. Q – Where’s Obama?

    A – Air Force One landed at O’Hare Airport Wednesday around 4 p.m.(CDT), bringing President Obama back home to Chicago for a pair of fundraisers.

    I was wondering what that stink was around here this afternoon.

  8. But, like, wouldn’t stricter gun control laws have prevented this?

    And here I thought we were in for a slow news day after that tsunami petered out before it could reach Hawaii.

  9. Damn, old oaks, me ‘n you would get along great. I don’t even need to comment when you’re on the job; thanks!

  10. Anybody besides me think there’s a really good possibility we are being lied too? I’m mean really, last I heard they were chasing a Muzzie that was hell bent on shooting up the place.

  11. Bad Brad: ‘any chance we’re being lied to? Ahhh, yep!
    IVAN?? Sounds Russian-ish to me.
    LOPEZ?? Spanish/Mexican much?!?
    And he looks a-merr-ican?! Very fishy!


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