Breaking News: Video Appears to Show ISIS Execution of Second American Steven Sotloff

Second American Journalist Beheaded

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  1. What’s next Obammy? You already told them that there is no place for them in the 21st century.

    They pretty much flipped you the bird on that one.

    They, along with the rest of the world, laugh at your impotence.

  2. As long as they stick to “journalists”,
    I’m fully behind assembling a team
    to discuss a strategy
    to develop a special committee
    specifically focused on this issue
    to research, write and disseminate a report
    to look at options
    to develop more committees.

  3. These reporters believe they are invisible. They think they can wade into a swamp ass-deep in alligators and not be harmed because theirs is a “noble” profession. Right.

    Moslems have the intelligence of alligators; e.g. pea-brains. Most are inbred for generations and it shows. Civilized behavior is beyond their ken.

  4. I love it when a plan comes together!

    You stupid Amerikkkans won’t realize how deep is the shit you’re in until the Caliphate is too powerful to be stopped!

    Oh, shit … Valerie said not to gloat until later …

  5. @ Boobie

    I don’t know about invisible, but they *certainly* think they are “respected” and, in any case “untouchable” because of imagined elevated “status” of JournOlists.

    Their arrogance and corruption make excellent scimitar lubrication…sorta like Liberal Tears.

  6. The media, by & large, sees “another decapitated American at the hands of terrorists”.

    I’m starting to see “one more decapitated liberal communist agitprop media hack finally getting what they deserve”.

    All we need to do now is transmit to the terrorists the coordinates of Jerry Brown, Kevin DeLeon, Darrell Steinberg, Clinton, Jon Corzine, ValJar, and the rest of Obama’ites.

    Embrace the suck, you Godless pukes.

  7. Irish said
    Obama: Let me be clear…I have no clue what I am doing

    I’d like to add
    “And I will not rest til I find out”

  8. yet another beheading of an American in the name of Satan(allah). When in the hell will this mussy in chief act on this barbaric bunch of thugs and wipe them from the face of the earth. How many more Americans have to die this barbaric way????????

  9. The problem is that these assholes keep playing “top this” and it is only a matter of time till some local asshole decides to strike for the cause, and suicide bombs a mall food court.

  10. @ tsunami

    I’m not so sure that’s what they’re doing and, if some are, most WON’T. It would make that OH-SO-IMPERMISSIBLE connection between isalm and violence, as well as break the big lie of religion-of-piece crapola.

  11. Love the ABC reporter lying that Obama gave such an emotional press conference after foley’s beheading. An IBM shows more personality

  12. @ Czar,

    The narrative has changed somewhat in the past few weeks.

    People are beginning to see the truth about Islam.

    Now combine that obvious reality with the testimony of the CIA lady who claimed that Obama (and DC) is replete with Muslim infiltrators (Brennan, Ellison, DHS, Jarrett…etc.), and that everyone in Washington knows this and is complicit with it.

    I’ve also noticed quite a few Republican’s beginning to sweat as well.

    I expect things to get exponentially worse. How else will they cover, deceive and distract?

    DC has a serious problem. They are going to do their very best to incite the public into a civil war. It’s the only way to maintain control, now.

  13. The 12th Imam won’t crawl out of the sewer until “the world is drenched in blood.” That’s what these goofballs intend to bring about. They have Barry’s blessing, peanut butter be upon him.

  14. I know those of us who make flippant comments about journalists who are harmed or killed really mean it.

    As tempting as it is to make a funny, perhaps we shouldn’t do it.

    The people who are butchered by the cockroaches (my apologies to cockroaches) are human beings with mothers and fathers, and no one should die this way.


    I can’t proof my own writing anymore. My mind’s eye and my eyes mustn’t be in sync.

  16. @Plain Jane—

    Welcome to typo world. You can stand next to me, and we’ll commiserate.

    But I’ll definitely second some of what you wrote.

    I can sort of understand the mindset of “you get what you deserve”, but NOT when what you get is being murdered in a hideous, gruesome way. By our ideological enemies, making a political point and rubbing our noses in it.

    Foley and Sotloff–and the other journalist prisoners who may well already have been beheaded, w/videos in the chute ready to be released periodically, for maximum effect–were non-combatants. And guilty of not much more than idiocy, wrong-thinking, and lock-step adherence to/support of to the policies of our corrupt government.

    The evil of ISIS far, FAR outweighs the “evil” of the liberal journalist. And NO ONE deserves to die like this. Believe it or not, I wouldn’t even behead the jihadists (if nothing else, it’s too d*** slow).

    Bombs, bullets, and/or a rope are good enough. And as soon as possible. Like last year.

  17. I’m going off of memory, but I believe it is fairly accurate in the wording. In the first Gulf Way, General Schwartzkopf was asked by a journanlist something similar to, how do you fight against those that are willing to die for their belief.

    His answer (roughly)was, You accomodate them.

  18. Damn any and all to hell who perpetuate the lie that Islam is a “religion”, let alone a “religion of peace”.

    Anybody (including the ‘conservative’ pundits) who tries to forward the false premise that there’s a difference and distinction between “radical Islam” and “Islam” deserves to feel the results of their stupidity.

    The issue isn’t “ISIS”, it’s ISLAM, dammit.



    All are evil, militant political ideologies, and none have any “moderates”.

    The only counter to this scourge is militant Christianity, and a solid firearm.


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