Bristol Palin Welcomes Baby Daughter, Sailor Grace – IOTW Report

Bristol Palin Welcomes Baby Daughter, Sailor Grace

bristol palin and sailor grace

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23 Comments on Bristol Palin Welcomes Baby Daughter, Sailor Grace

  1. But at least she didn’t have an abortion. That would have merely introduced another poor choice into the calculus. Welcome, baby Sailor!

    BTW her older child turns 8 on Sunday

  2. Her and her rotten mother should be arrested for hate crimes against the public. They should just go away.

  3. Well they were engaged. I don’t know or care who broke it off. Meyers seems to conduct himself in an honorable manner. Palin, not so much. And why would you name your kid Sailor when his pappy is a Medal of Honor winning Marine?

  4. Gee Larry, a little cranky today? Get some coal for Christmas did ya? In case you have not noticed, there aren’t a lot of libtards on this site. Why not climb back up to Grinch mountain?

  5. LOL. My father was a Marine and thought anyone who enlisted with any other branch of the service, including the Navy, was just a faggot-assed pussy pretending to be a man. The real men became Marines.

    BTW he died 22 years ago New Year’s Day. I miss him, but on the other hand, i’m glad he didn’t have to witness The Spectacle Formerly Known as Bruce Jenner.

  6. You might want to thank Christie Brinkley for that. She was the first celebrity to name her daughter that (ca. 2000).

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