British Appeals Court Reverses Ruling of Forced Abortion on Disabled Woman


British Court of Appeal judges in London reversed a Court of Protection judge’s order that a developmentally disabled pregnant woman must obtain an abortion against her will at 22 weeks of pregnancy.

Three appeal judges on Monday overruled the decision of Justice Nathalie Lieven, who said an abortion was in the woman’s best interests because of her disability.

The woman is under the care of a National Health Service (NHS) trust in the United Kingdom.

She is reportedly in her 20s and believed to have the mental abilities of a grade school-age child.

However, the woman’s mother, who is Nigerian and a former midwife, made clear to Lieven she would assume responsibility for her grandchild. The mother’s lawyers challenged Lieven’s decision.

According to a report at the Press Association, Lord Justice McCombe, Lady Justice King, and Lord Justice Peter Jackson heard the appeal and overturned the Court of Protection’s decision, stating they would provide reasons for their decision at a later date.

Both lawyers for the mother and a social worker argued against a forced abortion. more here

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  1. So the “new arrivals” in England are pro-life? Hmmm. This should create quite a dilemma for the left.

  2. @ Lowell……. um……… nigerian. muzzy? maybe?
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell


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