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British hospitals asking men if they are pregnant before getting scans


Aside from the standard questions, men in England who require medical scans are now being asked if they are pregnant.

The Walton Centre National Health Service Foundation Trust in Liverpool is just one of a handful of National Health Service trusts that asks “all patients under the age of 60, regardless of how you may identify your gender,” the Daily Telegraph reported.

The amendment comes after the NHS was slammed for “prioritizing gender over sex in order to be inclusive of trans people, including on single-sex wards,” according to the paper.

The wife of a cancer patient said the “unfair” question caused “unnecessary confusion and agitation” for her husband, who was already emotional from brain surgery and the steroids in his system.

A spokesperson for The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust said: “We believe asking all people who are having their abdomen imaged/scanned in this way, regardless of gender, is the least intrusive way of ensuring it is safe to proceed.”


Scan the hospital administrators for a brain.

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  1. If our society was a gallon on milk and the sell by date was the End of Times with the Messiah coming our sell by date would be 1/22/1973 and we are now where we are now because The Lord has a sense of humor. It is as if the Lord is telling the editors at the Babylon Bee who do victory laps after one of their satire pieces become libtard reality to ‘hold my beer’. At some point the Lord is going to say ‘ok, that was funny, time to get back to work’.

  2. “Are you pregnant?”

    *Stares at medical person, silently counting to 10*

    “That was a ‘pregnant pause.'”

    “No, seriously. Are you pregnant?”

    “We’ll soon find out, won’t we?”

    “That’s not an acceptable answer.”

    “We men neither confirm nor deny the existence of pregnancy.”

    “Are you or are you not pregnant?”


    “Which is it?”

    “I answered your question correctly.”


  3. “…‘would you like to be? We have pills for that now’”

    LOL – wouldn’t surprise me at all. But, no C-sections. Make them get a surgical procedure to route the baby out the anus. Would put an end to this bullshit.

  4. @geoff
    I was about to comment: “Well Doc, I came here due to severe constipation. It sure feels like I’m pregnant, but if you give me a laxative and few minutes in the sh-tter I may deliver something for you to assess.”

  5. So stupid.
    The medical community have become groupies to this insanity. It’s like TransFluidity is the latest boy band and doctors are the screaming girls in the audience.
    But, are they? We don’t know what a boy or girl is anymore. 🤦🏼‍♀️

  6. “Sir, are you pregnant?”

    “Why, yes, I’m pregnant with revulsion over a health care system so fucking worthless that it asks an obvious male if he is pregnant.”


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