British Police Routinely Withheld Evidence Exonerating Young Men of Rape

Dangerous> Shocking documents have revealed that British police officers are being trained to avoid giving vital evidence that would undermine their criminal cases.

A dossier, seen by The Times of London draws upon reports from 14 focus groups with the police. These focus groups included prosecutors, judges, and a survey of prosecutors. In one section of the report, an anonymous prosecutor said:

“In even quite serious cases, officers have admitted to deliberately withholding sensitive material from us and they frequently approach us only a week before trial. Officers are reluctant to investigate a defense or take statements that might assist the defense or undermine our case.”

Another comment, this one from the police, said:

“If you don’t want the defence to see it, then [the evidence] goes on the MG6D.”

The MG6D is a list of sensitive material which the defense team does not have access to. An inspector said that the police “have been trained to put items on there that they do not want disclosed to the defense” whilst another recorded comment was that “officers put undermining material on the MG6D list to hide.”

The revelations come at a time where the CPS is being scrutinized over how some cases are handled. Last year over 900 charges were dropped after police failed to hand over evidence to defense lawyers. 22-year-old student Liam Allan was forced to go to trial for almost two years after being accused with six counts of rape. The case collapsed after it was revealed that the police did not hand over hundreds of text messages that proved his innocence, in which the complainant expressed that she had enjoyed having sex with him. read more

4 Comments on British Police Routinely Withheld Evidence Exonerating Young Men of Rape

  1. The next step in the corruption of “justice.”
    Eventually, conviction will rest on the basis of criminal “archetypes,” as it does in socialist-controlled countries.
    We’ve been heading that way for years – at least since Janet Reno, etal, murdered the inhabitants at Waco and Ruby Ridge, and probably long before that.

    One of my plumbers, after the Waco thing, remarked: “Well, maybe they deserved it.” To which I retorted: “Would you say that if all of them were black?” (he was negro – by birth not my choice).

    He just stared at me.

    The groundwork is already laid.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. I don’t reckon those kids deserved it, Tim. You are right…just a preview of coming attractions.

  3. If the accused is Muslim or of the correct pigmentation, then the police won’t investigate at all and the prosecution will look the other way.

  4. The ranchers hire cowboys to drive the livestock into the cutes for slaughter. The only cowboys that fill out an application, survive the probation period, and keep showing up to collect the checks, are cowboys that enjoy driving the livestock into the cutes for slaughter. And self-described smart people are shocked, shocked they tell you, that the cowboys that have actual seniority, job security, aren’t helping the livestock escape? Just because it’s the “right” thing to do? Really?


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