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British Woman Beaten, Throat Slashed, Being Made to Write Abuser in Prison



Blur Brain:

From ABC 6:

Tuesday, February 17, 2015
A woman who was brutally beaten by her ex-fiance has been ordered to write letters to the man.

Natalie Allman, 29, was left with her throat slashed and bruises on her face.

But in her town in England, a judge ruled that she must stay in contact with her ex and send him letters and pictures of their children.


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  1. Sounds like the judge from Vermont a few years ago who ruled that a guy who raped a girl from age 5 till she was 12, didn’t need to stay in prison longer than his 6 month term because the judge did not believe that jail would rehabilitate the monster.

    There is just no end to this insanity. I pray that this Judge gets gang raped by a bunch of psychopaths and then he be ordered to serve them meals, do their laundry and give them sponge baths while they are in jail less he end up doing time too.

  2. Allman was ordered to send her ex three letters a year, updating him on their twin sons…

    Dear Woman Abuser:

    Our sons are 4 months older.


    Your former (and never to be again) punching bag.

    That is in keeping with the “judge’s” ruling. She should pour some sugar in the petrol tank of the “judge’s” motor.

  3. That’s more than not right. Maybe we can trade her for 20 or 30 Mexicans since we are swimming in them.

  4. Easy. ” I remember the night you tried to kill me because I laughed at how small your penis is . I remember having to fake it so you would feel good about yourself. BTW, your best friend was always 10 times the man you are.”

    See how positive that can be!

  5. I’d write, “I have already paid for your murder in the prison by another inmate. This will be the only letter you receive from me because justice is about to be served. Oh, they get a bonus if they rape you first. Enjoy!”

  6. She should send him a “Dear John.” job.

    I heard about a Marine in Iraq who got a Dear John from his
    girl back home. She told him she was no longer interested in him
    as she had met a wonderful guy from Harvard who was going to be a lawyer. She suggested that he return her photo.
    The Marine collected the photos of all his buddies girlfriends. about twenty, and mailed them to her with a note:
    “Shelia (?) please take your photo and I would appreciate your returning the others to me.” John.

    Ah, those Marines: Adapt and Improvise.

  7. Unreal.

    The letters every four months should read, “Hey asshole who broke my face and left me for dead with a slashed throat so the sons you now care so much about could see their mother bleeding to death, they are still alive and wanted me to tell you they hate you. I’m saving all of your letters so once they turn 18, they can have fun burning them.
    Enclosed is the mandatory picture. I’ve also filed an appeal to this and am working to have the moron judge who issued it impeached.

    Fuck you very much,
    Your EX

    The pic would be of the back of the kid’s heads at 50 yards.

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