Degrading right-wing extremism in America: a final solution

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The People’s Cube: President Obama released a proposal to the masses on this glorious day that all right-wing, gun-toting extremist in this country that are obsessed with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights should henceforth be forced to wear a gold “R” on the front of their shirt. R

“This will aid us in identifying any enemies of the state out there that wish to destroy the utopia that I, your Dear Leader, have been tirelessly and selflessly building for you since the first day I stepped into office,” said the President. “The Mandatory Free Health Care™, Safer Gun-Free Streets™, state-approved eating habits, and our civilization as we know it are all threatened by these white racist animals. We as a nation must rise against those who oppose our children’s future and us as a whole.”


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  1. LOL, you better give me about 10 of those badges, but then you better be good enough to come take my guns. I might not be alone. I seriously doubt if old Phil has an AR 15 in his safe. He’s a fanatical duck hunter that probably owns 50 really cool shot guns and a Bolt 30-06.

  2. They don’t have to go through all that trouble. Just look for the Betsy Ross, Gadsden, and Oath Keepers flying on the pole and below the truck (which contains three items).

  3. BigGun, I don’t think the Mutha Fxckers got the Brown Shirts he thinks he does. Military? Hell no. LEO? only from Big Cities. BLM Rangers? I guess so, but they really suck. Maybe Postal Carriers.

  4. There is a time when he’s most vulnerable. And I think it’s right now. Or at least in the upcoming week.

  5. Well Old Man I’m a Licensed Gun Manufacturer and we do lot’s of AR’s. We don’t do the 80% product anymore but if you get one I can send you the critical dimensions. It’s not that tough.

  6. Bad_Brad Why did you stop making the 80%’s? I thought that
    was going to be the next big thing.

  7. 80% lowers are old news in Cali. There’s a bazillion of them around the state with no serial numbers. Ghost guns. Is it legal? Hell yes. Our ATF guy called up and said, “If your making 80% lowers, stop. Clear them out of your shop. CalDoj is coming down on them like a ton of bricks in about two weeks”. I took his word for it, and he was right.

  8. You know what I would buy a bunch of, is shirts with the Gadsen flag emblem. Gold emblem would be great. Gotta have a front pocket though, and heavy cotton. I would buy a couple hundred of those. If I can’t get those maybe a good Tea Party emblem. There is no way I would do an “R”, fuck those assholes.

  9. Who’s your daddy, Per the gun act of 1968 you are allowed to build your own unregistered firearm. One of each type every year. The ATF designated that a lower receiver that was only 80% complete was not a fire arms. So it’s legal to buy one, it’s legal if YOU finish it. The heart burn is when you take it to you local machine shop and have them finish it. And that was getting to be a huge business in California. Shops weren’t even trying to hide it. So CalDoj overreacted and went Ape shit arresting people and confiscating machines.

  10. I feel sorry for you Brad. If there was no ATF Cal Doj. You could build anything you want. Even full automatic guns.
    What would your ideal build be.

  11. The Jews used to put “USA” on their bootlegged STENS which was some kind of Hebrew acronym for “I made this.”

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