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Subsidized Internet Comes to an End Today

CBS News

The nation’s largest broadband affordability program is coming to an end due to a lack of congressional funding.

The Federal Communications Commission is reluctantly marking the end, as of Saturday, of a pandemic-era program that helped several million low-income Americans get and stay online. Created in December 2020, what became the Affordable Connectivity Program, or ACP, eventually enrolled more than 23 million subscribers — or one in six U.S. households — across rural, suburban and urban America. More

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  1. Looks like Puddin Brain’s campaign promise of Free Internet For All just got flushed into the sewer like everything else he’s done.

    BTW. Being disabled I was paying $29.00 per month. It’s now jumped to $49.00 per month starting June 1st.

  2. The subsidy exists in extremely high prices to the non low income payers.

    The telephone companies and the government has been fucking everybody since 1876. I knew subscribers who were paying 12 dollars a month for telephone set leases into the early 2000s. Ma Bell was killed off in 1984. Those telephone leases were null and void as of 1984, and yet nobody in Ma Bell rescinded the fees. Dumbasses just kept paying it, and that was millions of dollars of revenue per annum for nothing at all. Western Electric was dead. If you called and stated that your telephone machine had died they told you to fuck off, and that you could buy a new telephone machine just about anywhere.

    I worked for C&P/Bell Atlantic/Verizon for a decade… and as much as I loved the work they were some underhanded cunts with billing, obfuscation, and greed.

  3. When I get a WORD Document (and no, that is not a silly redundancy… WORD is Work Order Records and Details) I can read what the subscriber has. A 1FR, a 2MR, whatever, and I can read if he is paying a set lease, or a loaner program. Set lease and loaner are not the same thing, by the way.

    The loaner program was again, 12 or 14 dollars a month, where I issued the subscriber a loaned set (as if you couldn’t buy a set from wallyworld for 9 dollars!) whilst the moron struggled to find another set.

    They preyed on your fears. Your fears that your telephone wouldn’t ring… and these days you may not see how many cunts thumbed up your moronic bullshit on Facebook.

  4. Gen Z has bailed on the Commander and I Just Shit Myself. Gen Z gets it’s news from independent sources on the internet NOT Morning Blow. This is a logical but totally useless move.

  5. well, all i can say is that my brother, living in the far netherlands of nowhere, instead of the middle of nowhere, here in west virginia, is still paying for aol, and condemned to dial-up…..who can’t be on the phone and online at the same time, and is obviously overjoyed at all the taxes he has spent to help him get high speed internet access that does everything EXCEPT get him high speed internet access….just absolutely loves these people…

    who did this policy help? no one i know…..who did it hurt? anyone who paid a phone bill…….

  6. My Dad had a senior citizen plan that was like DSL (1.5 Mb/sec) for $15 a month, then it went to 20, then 25 bucks. It was more than enough for what he used it for, and a giant improvement over dial up. I get 100Mb/sec internet and cable with my rent.

  7. Two words here:

    We got rid of $135 Directv.
    We got rid of $50 Consolidated Internet
    For a total of $185/ month
    Paid $600 for the unit.
    Pay $120/ month for service
    By saving $65/ month, the unit is paid for in a little less than 10 months.
    Speeds of over 15 times faster than regular Consolidated internet.
    In three years, we’ve been down an hour……total.
    Watching TV, there is virtually no buffering.
    Installation was super simple.
    Find a clear sky, mount the unit, and it moves around to set itself.
    Heated for snow removal

  8. Our local REC (rural electric co-op) used money from a FCC grant to install a fiber ISP. $55 a month for unlimited 100 Mbs upload and download. I started with a 1 mega bit plan for 100/month, but it was kind of a waste, speed was cool but not needed. Prior to that it was either 1 Mbs DSL or satellite with data caps.

  9. Coming from someone in the Burbs, where some providers are at 25 – $50 bux for 100M which for two people if quite sufficient. Starlink is kinda pricey just for internet, but for country folks it is a good option… as hi-tech as it gets.

  10. Frontier telephone does the same thing. We were told we had internet for life at $19 per month for 3mbit service running at 1.5mbit. A year later they said they could not do business like that and we would pay $39 per month or they would shut off our service. Tried to get caller ID and long distance added and they put in High Speed Internet which is not available in our area. Discovered this bull shit when we got the invoice in email. We quickly cancelled the work order. Frontier ONLY provides ‘bundles’ and it is one of the biggest rip offs you could do to a customer. Fortunately, a fiber company just started to install in our city so soon we will be able to tell Frontier to go fuck themselves.


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