Brother of CBS News Preezy at Center of Latest Benghazi Bombshell


Missing from much of the coverage of yesterday’s revelations that Senior White House adviser Ben Rhodes coordinated an effort to obfuscate the truth behind the Sept 11 2012 terror attacks in Benghazi was a key detail about the insidious relationship between politics and media in Washington.

The brother of Ben Rhodes is David Rhodes, president of CBS News.

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It isn’t enough for CBS News to mention the relationship as a parenthetical statement as they did in yesterday’s coverage. Larger questions deserve to be answered about the atmosphere and culture at CBS News and how open Rhodes is to any investigations into the Benghazi story and his brother’s involvement.

How much freedom is given to reporters to pursue Obama’s Rhodes and does CBS’ Rhodes encourage the investigation? Has CBS’ Rhodes ever made a blanket statement to his employees that there will be no repercussions against any reporter or producer investigating his brother? How does Rhodes avoid an “unspoken understanding” in his news rooms that his brother is off limits or that reporters should tread carefully because if the boss gets a call from the White House it could be a career-ender?

These questions are even more relevant in light of Sharyl Attkisson’s recent departure from CBS News and her assertions that she was considered a “troublemaker” for continuing to pursue the unanswered questions about the terror attacks and the White House’s efforts to misdirect the American people.



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  1. David Rhodes, bless his heart, is one of the few public figures in recent years who knows the correct collar size and shape, and tie knot, for his shoulder-neck-chin body shape. He looks very good in his attire.

    Other than that, he’s an asshole.

  2. Little Davie falls on his sword & sacrifices himself for the ‘greater glory of the Revolution’ in…3…2…

  3. No, No, No, you cannot use those emails, they were redacted and classified by the most transparent administration EVER.
    None of those emails ever existed, they were created by Faux News to make an impression on the right wingers that something is going on behind the curtain. There is nothing to see here.

  4. These crooks need to go old school.
    Meet in the park while feeding pigeons.

    Or bathhouses like barky

  5. @Uncle Al ~ just think how well his ‘fashion plate’ will impress in prison.

    …he’ll be ‘tossing salads’ in no time.

  6. It is all theater. Most of us here know that. The big question is how do we get this information out to the Dancing With The Stars crowd?

    Or is it that the DWTS crowd prefers it this way?

  7. Poetic Justice: Put his and his sexually confused brothers ass on a roof top in Benghazi and play that insulting video again

  8. Brad…I have a friend that is a Doc…actually I have several (but that’s besides the point), and they all say mixing steroids and alcohol is bad for the brain, so please slow it down a bit would ya?

    Oh, and it causes ED.

    OK, that’s my PSA for the night, I’m out….

  9. Ok runt, what’s that
    Have to do with watching reality TV and Soap Operahs? I don’t watch that crap. Didn’t recognize the alphabet soup. Don’t really know many men that do watch it.


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