Bruce Ohr retires from DOJ after informed disciplinary decision imminent on Russia case

Just The News:

Bruce Ohr, the senior Justice Department official whose conduct in the Russia case spurred significant controversy, has retired after being informed that a decision on disciplinary action was imminent, the department announced Wednesday.

Ohr’s decision will spare him any potential punishment for his role in providing information to the FBI about Christopher Steele’s dossier at the same time his wife, Nellie Ohr, worked for the same Fusion GPS firm run by Glenn Simpson as Steele.

Congressional Republicans complained that the connection created a conflict of interest. Ohr said his bosses approved of the arrangement.

“Bruce Ohr retired from the Department of Justice on September 30, 2020. As such, he is no longer an employee of the Department,” DOJ spokeswoman Kerri Kupec said. “Mr. Ohr retired after his counsel was informed that a final decision on a disciplinary review being conducted by Department senior career officials was imminent.”

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The Laundry Operation – Bruce Ohr Left DOJ Shortly Before Being Terminated: Likely in July.

19 Comments on Bruce Ohr retires from DOJ after informed disciplinary decision imminent on Russia case

  1. Ooooo, “disciplinary action”. This sniveling little traitor should be facing a firing squad. Instead he will get a nice pension, and probably a gig on CNN.

  2. Retire???? Hell no. This is more like being able to escape to a country with no extradition treaty before the “Hammer Falls”.

  3. Sa-weet! Nice of him to have been able to keep his job the last 4 years to, yaknow, “help”(winkwink) with all of the Orange Man investigations.

    The FBI/DOJ are fucking worthless. Close them the fuck down.

  4. Poor bastard, now he has to look at his wife everyday.

    Only Schumer has it worse with his wife Alexander Vindman.

  5. And what was Ohr’s job at the FBI?
    Wasn’t he in charge of: Drug Trafficking?
    I’m sure he cleaned everything up.

  6. Unacceptable! How do chronic partisan criminal douchebags get to pull this off? Lois Lerner is a criminal with full fed retirement. Koskinen same. Ohr same. There are other devious phuques that escape my memory at the moment.

    They live a life of federally financed luxury. A retirement you will never experience but don’t question it.

    Sorry, Mr. President and Congress. Retroactive Prosecution are in order for all of the above.


    Strip their benefits

    Send them to jail without bail.

    Then set up trials.

    Now. Let’s look at Joe and Hunter.

  7. Like the Minneapolis police officer who helped kill George Floyd, these government types merely “retire” or get fired, then get a job the next town over the next day.

    Above the law, all of them.


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