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B!tch better have my money!

Pimps busted after staging hookers’ nude boxing match.

NYP- Three hookers stripped and engaged in a boxing match — complete with a referee and a cameraman — to settle a dispute over money at a Harlem townhouse, sources told The Post.

Two of the 20-something prostitutes, known as “Yaya” and “Indie,” had challenged the third hooker, nicknamed “Africa,” to the bout because they believed that she had swiped $80 from them, sources said.

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  1. Maybe her “name” is Africa because she’s enormous, bulging in the middle, and has large expanses of inhospitable barrenness while other parts are teeming with wildlife.

  2. FTA-““I want to see it because I want to prove that Africa was injured not by my client but by the other two girls during the fight,” Kennedy said.”

    Lyin azz lawyer.
    Just admit it.
    You want to watch nekkid wimmn boxing.

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