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Bull jumps fence at rodeo, injures 3

At least three people were injured and two were taken to the hospital after a bull jumped the fence during the Sisters Rodeo Saturday night. Video posted to social media shows one person in a concession area being tossed head over heels after being hit head-first by the bull.

The crowd at the 84th Sisters Rodeo was singing along with Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the U.S.A.” on Saturday night, most with their cellphone flashlights on, as the bull ran around the arena before what was to be the final bull ride of the night, when the bull hopped the fence, according to a video shot by a fan.

Other videos posted online showed the bull running through a concession area, knocking over a garbage can and sending people scrambling. The bull lifted one person off the ground, spun them end over end, and bounced them off its horns before the person hit the ground. more

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  1. Many years ago there was a certain stud bull that attempted to jump a wire fence. Everything cleared accept his balls. Vet said he couldn’t have done a better job.

    Of no use in his old service so sent to market. OLD so pretty sure whoever got those steaks would have chewed for a week.

  2. Been there twice. Once at Omak Stampede and once at a small rodeo. It gets your adrenaline flowing pronto. The latter incident the women grabbed the kids and toddlers, every male over twelve took care of the bull. No hesitation. Sisters has a lot of pantywaste guys moving there, I suspect they were chased down while running for the tall grass

  3. Even Cleveland had to lose being called the Indians, I don’t particularly care for their new name The Guardians. Our local baseball double A baseball team is still named the Spokane Indians, an actual native American tribe and I hope it will continue to stay that way.

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