Bush and Clinton unite to honor women

Listening to these women speak, you’d think we just got the right to vote 10 minutes ago.
If they truly want to help women,  they should talk to the Muslim males in Europe and elsewhere about treating women like slaves. Support Muslim women in America who are trying to leave Islam. Support girls who are getting attacked by their Muslim parents in America. Warn the sleeping Americans about ‘Sharia zones’.  You know, do the actual dirty work like Pamela Geller and Ayaan Hirsi Ali.  They can both teach Laura and Hillary a thing or two about ‘honoring women.’  A shiny new exhibit in an old building filled with vintage pictures, clichés and cocktails says nothing.

DML: Former first lady Laura Bush was honored at The Women Making History Awards gala on Tuesday night. Recognized for her advocacy work and contributions toward inspiring women, Bush used her platform to push for the inclusion of a women’s history museum on the National Mall.

Bush said additional efforts are needed “to make sure there’s a women’s museum right here in our country.”

“It’s really important to have a museum that focuses on women because half of the population is left out from American history,” Bush said. “We need to figure out how we can encourage women to run for office and to run for president.”

The event was sponsored by The National Women’s History Museum. The museum has been working to get a physical location on the mall.

Founded in 1996,  the museum’s website states it “raises awareness and honors women’s diverse experiences and achievements through its dynamic online museum, educational programs, scholarship and research.”

During the event, Hillary Clinton appeared in a video to pay tribute to Bush. She also spoke about the need for a museum dedicated to women in the nation’s capitol.  MORE

SNIP: Careful not to sprain your arms patting yourselves on the back, ladies.

10 Comments on Bush and Clinton unite to honor women

  1. Use to be a big Laura Bush fan. WTF was I thinking. Didn’t she blow through a stop sign and kill some poor smuck in dirt water Texas?

  2. Brad, I agree. I’ve wanted to like her. I bet if you were to meet her you would like the heck out of her. But that lady is a lib. Stinking Bush’s

  3. Every one of these *#&@^$ libs want to “raise awareness” about whatever the crisis of the day happens to be. My awareness is now at 90,000 feet and I’m suffocating from the lack of oxygen at that lofty height. I can’t breath when I’ve gone to soon. /sarc

  4. And Laura’s daughters are slinging the lefty bull around also. Both families are harder to get rid of than herpes.

  5. I agree a museum honoring woman should be constructed just as soon as the woman of the country unite (Feminist Brigade) and go over to the Mid-East and defeat all the Muslim terrorists and bring permanent peace to that region of the world!

  6. I thought we just gave universal kudos to women (mothers) just last Sunday for the greatest thing that they can and do in such a purposeful, self-sacrificing manner!

  7. I come from a long line of successful, happy women who didn’t need liars and child molesters building a museum to know their worth.
    The only museum I’d like built is one that shows the defeat of leftists with their heads as trophies on the walls.


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