Butchy McDyke

University of South Carolina UpState brought in (which I assume means paid for)  Leigh Hendrix to put on her one person show titled “How to Be a Lesbian in 10 Days or Less.”

This confuses me because I thought gays were born that way.

See the story here

(Warning: this link includes a 4:06 clip no one in their right mind would watch to the end.)





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  1. “This confuses me because I thought gays were born that way.”

    Dr. Tar – that’s all one needs to say.

    Otherwise, it means there is a deliberate indoctrination going on.

  2. Every day teaches me how ignorant I am.

    What is “expert lesbian”? Is it a good thing?

    Chief %/

  3. first impression – time to get back to basics. a natural disaster or a war – herd thinning time. she’ll go the way of the wooly mammooth, pun intended.

  4. Do ya notice their outward appearance (not addressing pretty/or not..) just doesn’t add up toward a heterosexual attraction? (Not a blanket statement).
    Oh, the old days of honest and meek gentlemen and ladies fit to be adored…


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