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“Butter Is Good!” *wiggles fingers*

“Hello There Friends, Learn how to make Butter in less than 10 Minutes! This technique is so simple a CHILD COULD DO IT! You only need one ingredient and one tool. I use a stand mixer, but you could also use a Food Processor. Either way it is super fast and super easy to make Butter! You should all try it at least once just to see how delicious it is! “

SNIP: OK, look. I HAD to post this. The way Chef Jean-Pierre says “Butter” and wiggles his fingers made me laugh.
h/t Heaux.

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  1. Nice to see Chef Jean-Pierre in a post. He’s definitely a character with years of a successful restaurant career. I’ve only cook a couple of his recipes but almost always enjoy his videos.

    Brad Leone, a manager in the Bon Appetit test kitchen is another favorite for fermentation and playing with food in general. “Brad Makes Cultured Butter” teaches adding a splash of buttermilk to introduce live bacteria to the pasteurized cream and make a cultured butter.

  2. Altemura Bread
    Olive Oil
    Or Butter
    Sauces in a Bottle
    CO2 Sauce x 2
    Sun Dried Oil Soaked Tomato for paste
    Mushroom Chips or Whole
    Three Meats or none
    Nothing stronger than Romano
    Heaven Sent

  3. On YouTube search for “Paula Deen’s Butter Popsicle and Drinks Butter”
    My friend Melanie Hutsell (former SNL) created a Paula Deen impression, and particularly this bit. Very funny.

  4. We used to milk the cows, dump the milk in a cream separator, take the skim milk and pour it in with the hog slop, put the cream in the butter churn, take the butter and put it in the refrigerator to use, sell or trade, put some of the fresh butter on your flapjacks and in your oatmeal with a bit of fresh cream you held back add some brown sugar and they say grace and eat breakfast.

  5. How do you guys get to watch the video? I tried but I am faced with a Verbo ad without the usual countdown to skip ads. After that, ANOTHER ad pops up. I ain’t got time for this!

  6. My favorite restaurant as a kid was Sambos until they deemed it insensitive. Going to a pancake house as a kid, nothing more delicious than fried bread drowning in melted butter and syrup.


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