Buttigieg Can’t Explain Why Biden Has Only Built ‘Seven or Eight’ EV Charging Stations – IOTW Report

Buttigieg Can’t Explain Why Biden Has Only Built ‘Seven or Eight’ EV Charging Stations


Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg struggled Sunday on CBS’ Face the Nation to explain why the Biden administration has only manged to build “seven or eight” electric vehicle (EV) charging stations thus far.

As Breitbart News has noted, while the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 allocated $7.5 billion for EV stations, as part of building a national EV charging infrastructure, no EV charging stations had been built by the end of 2023.

Only about seven or eight had been built under the program by April — while the fossil fuel industry has been cashing in by lobbying to have the stations built at existing gas stations. more

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  1. “while the fossil fuel industry has been cashing in by lobbying to have the stations built at existing gas stations.”


    Build the thing to host cars that burn so vigorously they spall the concrete under them next to the thing with flammable vapors all around.

    What could possibly go wrong?

  2. The point is never to do anything productive.
    The point is loot the Treasury for all it’s worth and then some and while yer at it, rip up the social, industrial, energy and military fabric of the United States. They’ll never come out and say it, but for over three years it has been painfully obvious to most Americans that THIS is the true mission of the National Socialist democRAT party who all vote in lock-step with each other!

  3. 😆
    King County (I’m assuming) are building 8 charging stations in the parking lot of the grocery store I go to most often. It’s funny as as soon as these new things go in-wiring thieves come by and “cut the cord” so to speak. It’s a common news story all over the greater Seattle area. It’s all pointless and a waste of money.

    Spend the money on getting the crime under control first, dummies.

  4. They probably haven’t found many minority, LGBT, women owned construction firms yet.

    There are crews that go around the country building nothing but Wendy’s, for example, in record time. We’ve seen 7 Eleven’s, fast food franchises, oil change places, etc. go from a vacant lot to open for business in 2-3 weeks. Damned likely that all came in under budget and on time.

    Get the government involved and years go by with nothing getting done, and the funds always disappear without explanation. (See California’s high speed rail project.)

  5. Boofoo is one of those being considered as a Biden replacement.

    LOL, yeah..that’ll work.

    Better yet, Kamala is the frontrunner to replace the old fool.

    Buy popcorn and hollowpoints.

  6. Buttigieg: But you see you must be patient. Let me give you an anal-ogy. When I was in my late teens and early twenties I could not find any sex partners. But a couple years later I had seven or eight. See. I was patient. And now I have hundreds, even thousands. All over the country. My husband doesn’t mind at all…just like a bunch of people at a recharging station, he and I do several at the same time during a typical night.

    That’s where we are going with this. It’s such a lovely concept and anal-ogy, don’t you think?


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