Buttigieg Won’t Answer Yes Or No Question About Tulsi Gabbard Being A ‘Russian Asset’

Did Hillary Clinton slip some dollars into his political g-string? Because he sure danced around that question.

Daily Caller: South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg appeared to have a difficult time Sunday saying definitively whether or not Hawaii Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard was a Russian asset.

Buttigieg, after pointedly challenging Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren for failing to answer a yes or no question at last week’s debate, gave a rather lengthy reply to a yes or no question from CNN’s Jake Tapper during an appearance on “State of the Union.” more here

10 Comments on Buttigieg Won’t Answer Yes Or No Question About Tulsi Gabbard Being A ‘Russian Asset’

  1. This is getting more stupid by the day…just toss out some asinine comment that anyone with two operating brain cells knows is false and the media treats it as real, then runs with it forever. Worse is the minions are adamantly oblivious…NEW SHINY OBJECT!..NEW SHINY OBJECT!

    Satan is laughing all the way to Hell.

  2. HRC will consider the election stolen from her AGAIN, even if she doesn’t run in 2020, if a female is elected president in 2020. That first female president title belongs to her and her alone, especially against ORANGEMANBAD. She will say anything to make sure it doesn’t happen, at all cost. She considers herself the sole lead ranking member of everything that makes Democrats.

  3. Jill Stein & Gabbard are ‘Russian Assets’?! When asked if you think Gabbard is a “Russian Asset’ the correct answer is “Senator Joseph McCarthy himself would not have been so reckless as to make that assertion. Anyone who would say such a thing with ZERO proof is unfit to hold office and has ceased to be credible source for any commentary- even for such a question like “how is the weather?”.

    He could have put an end to all hopes of Hillary riding in & ended Harris’s dreams in one shot. It must be due to his lifestyle (when he is not being bent over he is on his knees) that he lacks the killer instinct of Harris (who ironically got to where she is by being bent over she working while on her knees). Harris must have honed her killer instinct because she used her bended knees to gain power whereas Buttigieg truly loves getting pounded from both ends. It’s a complicated world we live in today.

  4. You lie; you die.
    Somebody should introduce the measure.
    Make lying to America a capital offense.
    Politicians, media, academia … no matter – take to the pulpit and tell a deliberate lie – execute.

    And a lie is any obfuscation, evasion, half-“truth,” spin, double-talk, confusion, dissimulation, exaggeration, minimization, or distortion of fact.

    Isn’t it about time? Until WE take it seriously, THEY won’t stop.
    Same with corruption – execute the guilty – no deals. After a couple of hundred have hanged, they’ll get the picture.

    izlamo delenda est …

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