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Byrne: CCP Sees Trump Indictment as ‘Window of Opportunity’

How does a foreign adversary like China view current American politics, particularly considering the unprecedented indictment of a former American president? And how may this be viewed through the lens of other countries? NTD spoke with businessman Patrick Byrne, founder of, to explore this topic.

The Secret Speech of General Chi Haotian.

4 Comments on Byrne: CCP Sees Trump Indictment as ‘Window of Opportunity’

  1. Well of course the CCP sees multi-pronged attack on President Trump as a window of opportunity. The same way the CCP sees buying up Hollywood and the MSM, infiltrating teacher’s unions, extorting and bribing the Bidens, destroying America’s religion, paying radical environmentalists to make manufacturing in America too expensive, and sending spies to our prominent universities as windows of opportunity.

  2. The American Communist Party nee Demonrats is a WHOLLY OWNED SUBSIDIARY of the Chinese Communist Party. Everything that is happening, everything the left is doing is being done at the direction and approval of the communists in Beijing.

  3. ChinaMoney Joe Biden, always the money-grubbing the opportunist and racist also sees the false DJT indictments as an avenue of more rogue wealth for himself and sewage family, especially for the laughable “artist” and “real smart” crackhead son.


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