CA Gov. Gavin Newsom(D) Signs Bill Disallowing Disruptive Students K Through 8 to be Suspended

This law was inspired by the fact that California students missed more than 150,000 days because of suspensions for disruptive behavior.

19 Comments on CA Gov. Gavin Newsom(D) Signs Bill Disallowing Disruptive Students K Through 8 to be Suspended

  1. So what do they do now, mace them?

    What a sick bastard Newsome is. He rivals LA and NY idiot mayors Garcetti and di blasio.

  2. Just call this the “Mass Shooter Promotion Bill”

    Fuck democrats, now and forever. They are the party of Satan, without a doubt.

  3. This is really bad. I knew it would get worse under Newsom than even Jerry Brown, but this is insane. And they are using exactly the argument for it that should be against it – that it will reduce criminal behavior. Teachers are totally screwed, just like cops have been.
    Frankly I don’t think CA can survive, I have lived here my entire life but it is going to get much worse now.

  4. ‘eff the teachers. they long ago abdicated their responsibility to teach & inspire children to think for themselves. their only loyalty is to their union & their taxpayer-funded pensions.

    now, in Kali, the children rule. just as they are doing in Broward County, Fla. & a host of other ‘progressive’ counties & states throughout the country.

    parents have long ago abdicated their authority over their children to the government. they cannot discipline their progeny in any way, lest they bring the wrath of the government, in the form of ‘child protective services’ down upon their heads.

    who’s to blame? we are, for allowing these idiots to take charge

  5. ΜΟΛΩΝ – start with the notion of ‘public schools’ run by parents for the kids in THEIR community 200 years ago. Wind the clock forward 200 years, and what do we find?

    What started out as a non-political activity by free people has been completely politicized and taken over by government.

    All such transformations in history have failed. When are the people in this country going to learn that? Not in my lifetime, I don’t think.

  6. Okay, look. What does a suspension actually accomplish? Personally, I loved being suspended when I was a kid. I was suspended repeatedly right up until the time I dropped out in 11th grade, then worked odd jobs for a few years, then found out that you don’t actually need to graduate from high school to go to college.

    Detentions were another matter. That’s MORE school. Put them into detention rooms with extra work. No time off. No extracurricular. No lunch or break period.

    (And it probably would help if so many teachers weren’t bossy, boring and inept.)

  7. “Okay, look. What does a suspension actually accomplish?”

    Others might actually learn something, that’s what. But not anymore.

  8. “Disparate suspensions” result from chronic misbehaviors but it’s disallowed to say that re: blacks, and now illegal to do anything about it. You will now see wilding gangs in schools.

  9. Hey, Teachers! This was brought to you by the schmucks your Union promoted and gave Your dues to! Your Union did this to you! Ditch the Union bastards!


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