CA: Oprah’s neighbors say she’s using too much water

THR:  Oprah, Dick Wolf at Center of Montecito Groundwater Fight.

As Winfrey drills a new private well on her recently expanded property, Jeff Bridges’ wife cries foul: “I would love to find out what’s going on up there.”

As Santa Barbara County continues to struggle with drought (downgraded from “severe” to “moderate” thanks to recent rains), a water war is breaking out in star-packed Montecito. The fight centers on the proliferation of private wells over the past few years in the 9-square-mile hillside neighborhood, where permits have been issued for residences owned by Friends creator David Crane and producer Dick Wolf.

But it’s the area’s largest landowner, Oprah Winfrey, who is causing the most controversy. Last year she spent $28.85 million for Seamair Farm, a 23-acre estate that borders Winfrey’s main residence, a 42-acre spread she named the Promised Land, which she acquired in 2001 for about $50 million. Images of the Promised Land show luscious landscaping with an array of rose gardens, towering trees and an expansive lawn. Both Winfrey properties have wells, but a well drilled within the past 12 months for Seamair Farm has triggered concern among neighbors — one of whom is Oscar-winning actor Jeff Bridges — with some accusing her of hogging groundwater. “At first, our dealings with her were lovely and charming, and it has been really sad to think that they may not be so,” says Susan Geston, Bridges’ wife. “I would love to find out what is going on up there. I don’t know who knows because things are done and permits are only applied for after the fact.” more here

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  1. Well killer whales need lots of water.
    It isn’t as if they could swim around in a 5-gallon bucket…

  2. Love to see libtards fighting each other. As if they all aren’t ‘global warming’ hypocrites. But she is worse than us… not fair wahhhhh

  3. People who live in Montecito, which is the rich district of Santa Barbara, are continually looking to their neighbors for something to fight about. It may just be a case of envy, because she is a lot richer than all of them put together.

  4. Iv’e Consulted hoeowner groups for this sort of thing in So Cal. They’d better be careful what they wish for here, Oprah or not.
    Oprah seems to have 65 acres, are you using just 1/65 th of what that property is using…?

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