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CA Republicans Shut Out of U.S. Senate Race

CPR: California Republicans emerged from a bruising primary election day without a candidate in the runoff race to replace outgoing Sen. Barbara Boxer — triggering an unprecedented new political calculus in which GOP voters will be courted by the underdog Democrat. “Democratic Orange County Rep. Loretta Sanchez survived Tuesday’s U.S. Senate primary election, but finished so far behind front-runner Kamala Harris that her chances of a surprise victory in November may depend on a disparate patchwork of California voters, including a bevy of Republicans,” the Los Angeles Times noted.  MORE

6 Comments on CA Republicans Shut Out of U.S. Senate Race

  1. You have GOT to be shitting me!
    As a RepubliTard, I think I wouldn’t even vote. A lose-lose.
    As Simon and Garfunkel so succinctly put it many decades ago, “Any way you look at it, you lose.”

  2. Well, I didn’t think it would happen but it would appear the GOP is destroying itself. This jungle primary is just so much leftwing tactical BS to be used to create the central communis, er sorry the central Democrat party where every candidate is from there.

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