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CA: Thieves and squatters take over empty homes in bullet train’s path

KFI: Charlene Hook and her husband had to give up their home of 30 years (complete with pistachio orchards) to the state, after they were told the California High Speed Rail would run right through their bedroom.

As soon as they moved out, vandals broke into their home and took almost everything of value including the door’s off of her husband’s classic car shop. Her neighbor’s homes were also broken in to and ruined.

After being so frustrated and heartbroken over losing her home to thieves and the bullet train, she convinced her fire chief brother-in-law to let her burn down the house and be used for firefighting practice.

The California High-Speed Rail Authority owns more than 1,272 parcels stretching from Madera to Wasco. It’s a 119-miles of vacant commercial buildings, empty lots, dying orchards, and boarded up homes and construction sites.

While Jerry Brown and the rest of the bullet train crooks call it a path for the future, normal people see it as an ugly attraction for criminal activity that is spilling into the surrounding communities.

One veteran rail designer, who works on the high speed rail project, describes it as a “linear ghetto.”more here

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  1. “The California Highway Patrol is responsible for for protecting the Rail Authority’s property. Since January 215, the CHP has received 392 calls. They’ve made 58 arrests for trespassing, and other arrests for vandalism, arson, petty theft, and psychiatric detention.”

    And all these costs won’t get logged to the High Speed Rail, but will get charged to the general fund, so the true cost of the project will never really be known.

  2. Here in Ohio where the gas pipeline rights of way come plowing through, they don’t displace you from your home. They just put the pipe 50 feet from your bedroom window. God bless ’em.

  3. Instead of fire practice first, the home should have been used for target practice…….with the squatters and thieves inside. THEN burn the place down, and then plow it all under. For sanitation, ya’know.

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