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‘Cabin Fever: The Harrowing Journey of a Cruise Ship at the Dawn of a Pandemic’

WFB: In 2019, 29.7 million people went on a cruise vacation, according to Statista. The question is why? There are rough seas (imagine a whole day of air turbulence), lackluster ports of call (Royal Caribbean touts the “pristine sands” of Labadee, which happens to be in HAITI), and outbreaks like norovirus, not to mention the considerable expense (that excursion to Machu Picchu could cost an additional $4,000).

On the other hand, the vastness of the ocean is awe-inspiring, there’s nothing lackluster about the Greek Isles, hand-sanitizer stations can deter gastrointestinal threats, and interior cabins can be quite the bargain. Sure, those 200-square-foot windowless rooms might be a little cramped, but with all those bars, restaurants, and a casino, plus a wraparound deck to take in the fresh sea air and nonstop activities, how much time do you expect to spend inside your cabin?

For passengers aboard Holland America’s Zaandam, which left Buenos Aires on March 8, 2020, the answer is two weeks—and a total of one month at sea. It’s the story of Cabin Fever, the gripping account of the ship’s fateful voyage in the early days of the pandemic. With no one yet certain how COVID-19 was spread, ports on two continents refused entry to the vessel and its 1,243 guests and 586 crew members, many of whom were getting sick. As authors Michael Smith and Jonathan Franklin observe, “For the first time in memory, the world had turned its back on a cruise liner in distress.” more here

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  1. Plus, look at the bonuses!

    Chance of fire, smoke inhalation, asphyxiation
    Gales and storm force winds
    70′ rogue waves
    Acts of terrorism
    Collision at sea
    Catastrophic flooding, drowning
    Your choice of infectious diseases: legionnaire’s, norwalk, salmonella, various enterovirus…
    Food poisoning – enjoy those crab cakes and contracting Montezuma’s Revenge in a foreign port!
    Emergency medical evac in a foreign city. Good luck!

  2. I’ve been on 53 cruises in my lifetime and I got sick 1 time and that was 12/2019 – covid. We were on a Princess cruise ship cruising from San Francisco to Hawaii. (We were on the cruise prior to the one that got quarantined). Probably worse than covid would be the noro virus. Been on cruises where there were outbreaks of noro but we never got sick. Also, people board the ship sick, that’s how it’s spread. Everyone lies on the medical information form, it’s worthless. #1 rule among seasoned cruisers, never admit to any crew member that you are sick. That is unless you want to be quarantined to your room 24/7.


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