CAIR becomes FBI snitch – IOTW Report

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  1. Where can I get a FUCK CAIR Tshirt?
    Hey, if I’m gonna be monitored, may as well give them something to gawk at, right?

    BTW, I notice the FBI’s most wanted list is full of Muslims. But, whatever.

  2. After trying to navigate the linked page through all the pop-up ads and send-me-someplace-elses, I finally tried to read the woman’s diatribe, and while it definitely does contain some interesting information, she clearly needs an editor. It wasn’t worth the effort. Someone needs to do a book report on her article. I might try that.

  3. What about a “I don’t fucking CAIR” shirt MJA? Kills 2 birds
    with 1 stone (ing).

  4. Hey CAIR fuck you, fuck islam, fuck muslims, fuck mohammud and fuck the Cur’an. 😡 The world will not be safe until islam is obliterated from the face of the planet.

  5. Amen to the “trying to navigate” part, Mr. M! That site also has some kind of ad that started autoplaying at full blast as soon as I got in. Whenever I encounter one of those, I’m outta there. Took me a couple of tries even to do that, because they had hijacked the back browser button to try to send me elsewhere (as you mentioned). Never did get to the story, but from what you say, I didn’t miss anything.

  6. I thought CAIR and the FBI were already one and the same. Old Muslim loving Hussien Obama and Iranian Dirtbag Jerrett saw to that!

  7. This may in fact be a New List.

    How do I get on it?

    Don’t jerk me around here.

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