California: $15 MINIMUM WAGE, $30 PER PIZZA

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Breitbart CA– Even though businesses with less than 56 workers are exempt from the $14.44 rate and do not have to raise their wages to $15 until 2018, Vic Gumper, who owns Lanesplitter Pizza, with outlets in Berkeley, Oakland, Albany and Emeryville, decided not only to bite the bullet but swallow it, paying his workers $15 to $25 an hour while eschewing tips or raising prices.

He advertised his $30 pizzas and other food items as “sustainably served, really … no tips necessary,” according to the Los Angeles Times. MORE

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  1. I love these arbitrary numbers, they always work so well in business especially when trying to balance the books. *smh* This is all for the sake of government. The economy in california will suffer, but realize what the wage welfare cliff the state has created.. At $9 per hour, a part-time worker would bring in about $9000 pre-tax per year. With that salary and full welfare benefits, a hike to $15/hr, still part-time 20/hr weeks, pre-tax salary jumps to $15,600, an increase of $6600. However the BENEFITS will be reduced by about $10,000, for a LOSS of $3400.

    In order to get out from under the welfare trap, the same worker would need to put on his/her big boy/girl pants and work a FULL 40 hour week, at –get this– $34 PER HOUR. That’s the real “living-wage” number to get out of the welfare trap.

    How’s that $15 “living-wage” working out for ya?

  2. Ummm…may be time for a new battery in the ol’ calculator.

    The way mine looks at it, 40 hrs/wk X 52 = 2080hrs X $34 = $70720.

    If I can make that on welfare, I’ll un-retire right now.

  3. Now they’re getting back to the place where it’s cheaper to make your own – and people will. Buh-bye business.

  4. FTA: Gumper admitted, “The necessity of paying people a living wage in the Bay Area is clear, so it’s hard to argue against it, and it’s something I’m really proud to be able to try doing. At the same time, I’m terrified of going out of business after 18 years.”

    So this idiot is willing to go out of business because he has to do what he considers “the right thing”.
    He gets exactly what he deserves.

  5. He advertised his $30 pizzas and other food items as “sustainably served, really … no tips necessary,”

    That’s right. No tips necessary … because I am not going to buy your pizza for $30.

    How has he been able to stay in business so far with no brain?

  6. When pizza are $30 only fat and lazy outlaws will have pizza. You just know there will be an underground market in pizzas, either that or Tony’s cheap frozen grocery store pizzas will become the norm and even they will be over priced as well. Unintended consequences always bite stupid libtard dumbasses every time, what else is new. And I’d be willing to bet that EBT cards will still be valid for all the welfare types.

  7. Well, if we all think it’s outrageous (which I do), we don’;t have to eat there and pay for it. If you plan to go to San Francisco and you dine out, look at your receipt. On there you’ll see some added costs such as medical care for the employee. WTF! So, I just circle the cost and deduct it from the tip, if they will even get one depending on the cost of the medical care fee. The air show is coming up soon, so I’ll do my math when we get to San Francisco. We’ll find ways to stick it to SF. We won’t pay a toll going over the bridge, we won’t pay for parking, and we just may brown bag it this time. Works for me.

  8. There was an EBT card receipt floating around the net. On the receipt it showed steak and lobster was purchased with the EBT card and some crap junk food. That’s the slap in the face to all of us schmucks. They have us by the balls.

  9. He’s been able to stay in business thus far because of the nutballs in the “bay area” have bought his pizzas, not because of some far flung business plan.
    By the time reality sets in for those people, it will (hopefully) be too late. They’ll be sitting around the campfire roasting ferns with Bernie.

  10. Sounds like old Bernies already got a head start on his socialism thing. The Government setting wages is the epitome of stupid. Hey folks, let’s get your neighbors, fellow citizens, and a few government bureaucrats together so they can decide on how
    much money you should earn as a brain surgeon!

  11. Stores here in town have the medium size for 98 cents each. I add ham, pineapple, more pepperoni, and voila, my pizza don’t cost nowhere near $30,

  12. A couple of things. His website shows he only sells large pizza’s that go from $24 (pepperoni) to a $28 works pizza. He’s been in business for 18 years so the formula works. He also sells liquor and has seating and other menu items. The comment thread at Breitbart.Ca is pretty funny have a look if you can.
    Finally, he says after he raised his salaries his business has declined 25% even though he hasn’t raised his prices (nor I assume changed his food formulas’). That’s the bigger question I think. Why would his sales plummet like that. The higher salaries have no doubt hurt him but I suspect maybe the Bay economy is starting to crack and he’s among the first of the casualties minimum wage hike or not.

  13. Tombstone
    Red Baron
    Lean Cuisine
    California Pizza Kitchen

    Some of em suck, but all less than $30


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