California city to appoint 2 ILLEGALS to advisory boards

Huntington Park in California is set to do something historic… and historically stupid. They will be installing two commissioners to advisory panels that are illegal aliens. More @ RightScoop.
huntington park ca

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  1. According to B. Hussein Obama, and his Marxist butt buddies, they are the legitimate Americans and we are all illegal! He doesn’t have to worry about losing his job to a Reconquista because he
    not an American citizen either. He is a Mau Mau Kenyan expatriate!

  2. A little research and your questions are answered:
    Huntington Park CA demographics

    White 1,657
    Black 304
    Asian 433
    Hispanic 58,636

    That explains a lot, don’t it?

  3. Taxes? I wouldn’t be paying no stinkin’ taxes! Their local government is not legit. Neither is our Federal for that matter.

  4. When Trump talks about winning the Hispanic vote, I am not sure this is simple bluster. I cannot believe that legitimate Hispanics will continue to buy in to the lawlessness, danger, and blatant stealing from the citizenry of the US. It make no sense, and I think the left is counting on support that will in fact decline. I read a different article on this Huntington Park deal, and it sure sounded like there was a lot of anger, presumably from Hispanics.

  5. Many years ago in a land far, far away (Egypt) a Pharoah decided to move his capital city, lock, stock and barrel a number of miles away. Do you suppose that the Mexicans up and moved Tijuana from Mexico to California (while no one was watching) and renamed it Huntington Park?

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