California governor wants Medicaid to pay rent for homeless, cost $100 million – IOTW Report

California governor wants Medicaid to pay rent for homeless, cost $100 million

JTN: California Governor Gavin Newsom wants to use Medi-Cal funding for a new purpose: paying rent.

Newsom has proposed using federal healthcare funds to cover at least six months of rent for homeless California residents and those close to losing their homes.

Newsome asked President Joe Biden’s administration to approve a 6-month “transitional rent” program under Medi-Cal, according to a report from Kaiser Health News.

California is modeling the program off of similar programs in Oregon and Arizona that have been previously approved by the federal government.

“I’ve been talking to the president,” Newsom told KHN. “We cannot do this alone.” more

14 Comments on California governor wants Medicaid to pay rent for homeless, cost $100 million

  1. Good way to make other states hate California even more than they already do. When I escape this wretched state, the first order of business is to remove my license plates and when peoole ask where I come from, I can truthfully tell them, “I came from Wisconsin.”. I”ll just leave out the part where I have lived here from the age of 5 yrs old.

  2. CC, I’m old enough to remember when being from California was the epitome of coolness. My W. Tx. classmates would go spend a few weeks there after graduation and come back bragging that they were from California.

  3. Newsome doesn’t care about the homeless, he knows this won’t help. He’s only trying to cement his power by pandering to mistaken leftists who think it will help.

  4. The skyrocketing homelessness, intentional, and ‘lack of shelter’ – which is in fact not true – WAS BY DESIGN, FOR THE EXPRESS PURPOSE OF CLAIMING FUNDS FROM ALL SOURCES. Especially federal sources that don’t cost Californians anything.

  5. Is this before or after we pay a bazillion dollars to people who were never slaves. The states already bleeding cash. These people are crazy. Reminds me of that old joke, I can’t be overdrawn, I still have checks left.

  6. The lefties pushed for and got higher minimum wages.
    McDonald’s, Taco Bell & others are all begging for help yet we’re told the homeless need more hand-outs.

  7. Is anyone else tired of dumb ass liberals coming up with ideas then expectingus to pay for them? If this is such a good idea maybe Newsom and all the other commie crats in California should take in all the homeless people themselves. Dumb shits.

  8. @SNS
    I know you are right and I know I’m guilty of painting with a broad brush but I’ve seen many ‘homeless’ that are capable of caring for themselves but refuse to do so.

  9. Don’t be a f^cking idiot, of course he wants Medicaid to pay for it all.
    Tax the sh!t out of every working person to pay for the non-working.
    Just what the hell do you think is going on.
    Demoncrat… just think Demoncrat.
    70+ years old and still have to pay each year for Illinois income taxes.
    (For those who know or remember, I was born in 1931)


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