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California Lawmaker Introduces Bill Banning Excessive Homework: ‘Homework Is Exhausting.’

Breitbart: A lawmaker in California introduced a bill that would ban teachers from being able to assign students an excessive amount of homework.

California State Assembly member Pilar Schiavo (D) introduced The Healthy Homework Act, also known as AB 2999, in February, noting in an interview with Fox40 that it would have a “huge impact” on the students.

Under AB 2999, educational agencies, local school board officials, and school administration officials would need to “develop, adopt, and update” homework policies “at least once every five years,” and take into account research available regarding the impacts of homework on students’ physical and mental health.

Educational agencies, school board, and school administration officials would also need to take into account the reasonable amount of time that students should spend on homework and take into account learning disabilities and how some students might lack “access to the internet, computers, and learning tools.”

“I think this is going to make a huge impact for the students,” Schiavo said. “The times have changed and our homework policies don’t always change with the times, so we need to make sure we are addressing issues that are effective and also don’t harm kids.” more

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  1. I was going to make a a pithy comment, but Brad beat me to it with something better.

    California has a lot of problems like an enormous state deficit, an enormous homeless problem, unaffordable housing, infrastructure which needs maintenance, etc. etc. – and this fool is worried about homework.

  2. Really have to agree on this.
    My daughter was up till 3:00 AM finishing homework.
    Homework is just a bull shit means of keeping students worn out and tired beyond their ability to cope with dumb shit teachers asserting their moral superiority. If some damn teacher can’t get the point across in a normal school day, how the fuck are they ever going to ‘teach’ anything. Kids really need to burn off energy after school so they can get a good night sleep and be ready to learn something the next day. Kids need to burn off the energy so their minds are able to absorb the most rudimentary lessons. If they don’t get the proper exercise, they will never learn anything.
    Really a damn pissed off parent.

  3. So here in Illinois J.B. Pritzker does not have the fuckin sense to teach children, only to indoctrinate them.
    Sorry for the rant but every child in Illinois is a victim of the pervert Pritzker.

  4. Also, in the same context, Why does my daughter have to get up in the morning at 6:00 AM, get dressed and make it to the bus stop at 6:30 AM to get to school at 7:00 to start class at 7:15. Our Children are worn out and exhausted, sleep deprived, mentally and physically exhausted. This is just another example on how the bastard elite are wearing down our kids and teaching them to be trans perverts instead of children.

  5. Hey! I got an idea!

    Let’s cancel educating our future Americans. I mean, You Know! All of that is just too tough for these poor over-worked, kids!

    That’s why we agree with Jason (above). Can’t believe how smart kids can get when under the tutelage of a loving family while showing them the world of science, math, grammar and Our Country’s celebrated heroes and heroines!

    Teaching our kids to be queers ain’t gonna make it, in my book.

  6. Commies prefer dumb, uneducated people. They’re easier to manipulate.
    Why do you think they push for censorship and claim “disinformation” on everything that exposes them?
    Back in the days of the USSR no one under the rank of Sergeant was taught to read maps so they couldn’t run away.


  7. Anyone who still sends their children off to govt conditioning and indoctrination compounds, i.e. “public schools”, is doing something mighty damned hard to distinguish from child abuse.


  8. I said earlier that CA’s goal was “IDIOCRACY”.

    Too bad the esteemed educational leaders cannot SPELL the word, let alone define it.

    Be aware,our ‘Feral’ Government follows Commiefornia.

  9. More proof that they are trying to destroy the next generation that started with Mr “Guilty as hell and Free as a bird” Bill Ayers along with his living room buddy the Øbamboozler and their Common Core Rot. Now that generation is indoctrinating kids with their Rot and ramping it up with every kind of “Victimhood” they can dream up! Not only that, but we can clearly see the Rot is spreading, mainly because the radicals have gained a foothold in the White House!
    And that right there is the real reason for their vendetta against Trump… he’ll get in their way!

  10. I can understand how homework can impact a students social life when they need to be out running over each other in “Side Shows” and making stupid ass videos to post on social media sites!

  11. If kids in California weren’t “studying” critical race theories, tranny lifestyles and “new” math, maybe there wouldn’t be so much homework. Marxism requires an onslaught of indoctrination as early as possible.

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