California Legislature Advances Bill to Socialize Healthcare Prices


Breitbart CA: The California State Assembly’s Health Committee passed a labor-backed bill on a strict 11-4 partisan vote last week under which the state would create a commission to socialize the price of all healthcare service costs.

The “Health Care Price Relief Act,” titled AB 3087, is sponsored by Ash Kalra (D-San Jose), a fast-rising star in progressive California Democrat circles. The legislation would create the “California Health Care Cost, Quality, and Equity Commission” as an independent state agency to control in-state healthcare costs and set the amounts accepted as payment by health plans, hospitals, physicians, physician groups, and other healthcare providers in the commercial market.

The bill is opposed by the California Hospital Association (CHA), including Providence St. Joseph Health and all of its faith-based ministries. They call the legislation a poorly constructed measure that would take billions of dollars out of the state’s healthcare system while doing nothing to improve the quality of patient care in California. The CHA is especially leery of allowing a government-run price setting scheme. more here

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  1. Equity in the system: it’s terrible for everyone (except the elite who get the best healthcare possible).

  2. yes it is, but i find comfort in knowing they’re gonna die as well. lol. ain’t nobody gettin outta here alive!

  3. I’ll be happy with doctors, hospitals and pharmacies posting prices on their web sites and offices.

  4. My guess is that the prices will be set at the “fair” price paid by the medicaid system. Just try to find a doctor that takes medicaid…good luck. You will see an exodus of doctors from the state or going to a cash only system (for the evil rich, and they will outlaw that option shortly thereafter)

  5. “California Health Care Cost, Quality, and Equity Commission”

    I want the commissioner job !

    does this apply to the malpractice insurance rates as well ?

  6. If this passes there will be rationing, deaths and lawsuits until there are no medical facilities left in California.

  7. The California legislature and the CHA: two criminal enterprises now arguing over the spoils. Rest assured California – neither organization has the interests of the citizens in mind.

  8. Gonna be lots of welfare types moving to Kaliphonia for free or cheap health care. Gonna be lots of doctors moving away to make a decent living.

  9. @DaWhoMe May 9, 2018 at 3:17 am “…going to a cash only system (for the evil rich, and they will outlaw that option shortly thereafter)”

    When zerocare was about to be implemented I asked my rheumatologist if he’d accept cash-only and he told me the cost of the drugs without insurance would be too high. I told him zerocare wouldn’t cover their cost anyway until the $8000 deductible was met so it would still be cheaper to pay the penalty, his office visits, AND the full price of the drugs. He told me just processing the insurance claims cost him so much his office was running on a shoestring so he’d certainly consider it.

    The state may outlaw cash-only but a good doctor will see it as a big savings. You may have to shop around for the right doctor.


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