California Republican Says It’s Unfair for Asians and Latinos to Pay Reparations, Democrat Lawmaker Cries – IOTW Report

California Republican Says It’s Unfair for Asians and Latinos to Pay Reparations, Democrat Lawmaker Cries


A California Democrat held back tears earlier this month when a Republican lawmaker said it would be unfair to make Asians and Latinos pay slavery reparations to African-Americans.

The exchange happened on June 11 during a meeting of the California Assembly Committee on Judiciary. The lawmakers were discussing SB 1331, a bill that would establish the “Fund for Reparations and Reparative Justice” in the state treasury — the culmination of a monthslong initiative by California Democrats to develop a reparation proposal for descendants of American slaves. 

“I’m concerned about the proposal to help facilitate distribution of reparations,” Assemblywoman Kate Sanchez, a Republican from Santa Margarita, said during the hearing.

Sanchez cited economists who analyzed the proposal from California’s reparations task force and found it could cost $800 billion.  more

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  1. California was not a slave state. No one in California EVER owned slaves. The is progressive libtards gone wild. 2.5 times the states annual budget? Are you fing kidding me? At a time when families are struggling to buy groceries and make their house payments? California tax payers no longer get the opportunity to vote on proposed bills. Our overlords will just pass them. Ash Kalra, that fing big vaj jay should put a gun in his mouth. I hope they pass it. That’s when 87% of the California population stops paying all state taxes. I didn’t own slaves and they never picked cotton. Fuck em.

  2. Blacks have received the lion’s share of of trillions in social programs since the government stepped in to “care” for people. This created a underclass who simply game the system and do nothing productive. Subsequent programs destroyed the Black family and community. Reparations have no logical basis paying those who never were slaves taken from those who never owned slaves. Add the masses of illegals entering the country and money already squandered to care for them with future monies that will be required, not only to care for them but also to control them and nothing but disaster looms. Liberals advocating these things are simply buying allegiance and destroying the country. Alas, this IS California and there exists no logic nor reason in their “leaders” insanity.

  3. ^^^^
    If all blacks quit putting their backs and brains into gaming government gibsmedats and other criminal enterprises, and did the hard, legal work necessary to prosper, we wouldn’t be having this “reparations” conversation. Or the “carceration” conversation. Or the “education” conversation. And “critical” would be just another adjective, instead of a theory.

  4. Africans sold Africans on the open market and marketed them as a viable product! It has now been determined that all the various countries, that purchased the Africans, were sold a faulty product and should be able to return said product for a total refund +interest!

  5. Apparently not a problem in the Golden State of trash, It’s OPM- others people’s money, until you run out.
    And don’t forget they want us to eat bug burgers.

  6. Reparations should only be paid by slave owners that owned slaves after it was illegal and only to the actual slaves. Unless you want to get money from the Africans that sold them into slavery in the first place.

  7. I have ancestors who fought in the Civil War; the debt for slavery was paid in blood.

    “Fathers shall not be put to death because of their children, nor shall children be put to death because of their fathers. Each one shall be put to death for his own sin.” Deuteronomy 24:16

  8. Reparations will not be paid. They’ve been picking at this scab for a couple years. Newsom started it. What they’re going to end up with is riots and a race war.

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