California’s Tips For Thugs


Things are getting competitive for criminals these days, but there’s also some good news. All criminals can gain a big edge by moving to California.

In 2014, the Golden State passed Proposition 47, the so-called Reduced Penalties for Some Crimes Initiative. This changed several felonies such as shoplifting, receiving stolen property and car break-ins into misdemeanors.

Aside from assumptions about readers’ morals, under this law, anyone can basically steal nearly $1,000 worth of other people’s stuff and the cops won’t treat it much differently than a traffic ticket. So, no surprise that the smash-and-grab gang is going wild.

Last year in San Francisco, there were nearly 30,000 car break-ins, and in only 1.7 percent of those cases did the cops make arrests. And most of the thieves who got caught never got jail time. Some politicians like the proposition because California’s jails are already overcrowded. So, what’s an aspiring criminal to do?

You can easily sell hot goods on the internet and use the stolen credit cards to get money and other stuff like stolen computers for identity theft and addresses of where the people with the money live and work.

You can also thank California cities for underfunding their workers’ pension costs, because the shortfall means some have cut back on services including police. The city of Oakland won’t even dispatch police to most non-violent or non-emergency crime.

The news is even better if you’re just starting a career in violent crime.

Under Proposition 57, the so-called Public Safety and Rehabilitation Act, prosecutors can no longer try any juvenile as an adult, even if the crime is rape, arson or murder. So one 13-year-old arrested for gunning down a 16-year-old will go to juvenile court and the maximum sentence could be only imprisonment until age 25 in a soft facility. And get this: they are applying Proposition 57 retroactively.

Back in 2013, Daniel Marsh was just 15 years old when he tortured, murdered and mutilated Oliver Northup, 87, and his wife Claudia Maupin, 76, in Davis, California. Aside from Juan Corona and that Manson bunch, Marsh’s mayhem was probably the worst murder in state history.

Marsh was convicted in 2014 and Proposition 57 didn’t pass until 2016, but this year they reversed the killer’s conviction and gave him a new hearing, without presenting new exculpatory evidence. Authorities even let this killer give a TED talk, in which he portrayed himself as a victim, and put the video on the internet (since removed). So Marsh got to testify, without being under oath, and with no possibility of cross-examination. more here

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  1. And meanwhile our over seers continue to try and disarm us. Most county Sheriffs are encouraging you to carry. Our Sheriff will tell you straight up his best response time is 12 minutes.
    And while all this bull shit is going on the powers to be are changing when a LE can use deadly force. Demanded by Black Lives Splatter. This will filter down to CCW’s and restrict our rights to defend our selves.

  2. The biggest thugs are the thugs running the gov’t. It’s unbelievable what the politicians here are getting away with. Law? Order? Constitution? Freedom? Not in commie mexifornia! And no action from sessions or the feds. Too busy framing Trump.

  3. Even without reducing felonies to misdemeanors, or letting felons out of prison early, or just refusing to dispatch police on calls, urban crime in California will get worse.

    The middle class is leaving. These are generally law abiding citizens, and are being replaced by less law abiding individuals – many of whom are not citizens. Many families are now single parent families, or households where both parents must work to make ends meet and thus leave kids unattended. A lot of the property crime is committed by teenagers looking for a thrill. After school programs are usually the first things on the chopping block when budgets are tight.

    Finally, our “leaders” are moving from ignoring religion to actively scoffing at religion. Say what you want, but morality isn’t exactly an inbred trait for most people; it’s a learned behavior. Thanks, progressives, you are turning major parts of California into a shithole without even really trying.

  4. Time to start learning and using The Four Esses:

    “Noise?! What noise? I didn’t hear no noise! Did you hear a noise?”
    “See someone? I didn’t see someone. Did you see someone?”

  5. ANON
    in 1863 the conservative ( He thought at the time he was talking liberal; and it all the English speaking world he still is – The Lib party won the Bus election about 8 years ago. In 3 gears the govt was 33% smaller!) President said “Govt spending is merely sand in the gears!”! In 1982 another conservative ( he said many times he was a Barry conservative!) President said in the SoTU “the government can never solve our problems. …. THE GOVERNMENT IS OUT PROBLEM!”!

    BOTH MEN WOULD COMPLETELY AGREE WITH YOU – were they alive today.


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