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Canada: A Legislative Onslaught Against Freedom

Although most of Karlstack’s readers are American, a healthy percentage are Canadian, and so am I, therefore I feel a duty to report on the downfall of the country that I once loved.

If you don’t care about Canadian politics, then at least use us a cautionary tale; learn from our mistakes so that you may be free.

Justin Trudeau’s government is currently in the middle of granting itself sweeping new powers that will be used to seize control of the internet, seize control of the media, crush dissent, and control the population. If these 6 bills pass (which they will), Canadians will regret it for the rest of their short, miserable, emasculated lives.

The government says that we need to pass bill C-11 because the last reform of the Broadcasting Act was in 1991, before online streaming services existed. They need modern powers to control the YouTube, TikTok, Facebook algorithms.

Ostensibly this is to prioritize “Canadian content” — the government wants to spoonfeed you only wholesome Canadian content, just like the magnanimous government of North Korea only wants to spoonfeed wholesome North Korean content. MORE

10 Comments on Canada: A Legislative Onslaught Against Freedom

  1. Daddy Castro and mentor Xi must be so proud.
    Holy cow! This is close to home!
    It all sounds like the US liberals’ dream legislation.
    My mother’s family came here from PEI in the late ’50’s.
    We used to love going to visit.
    Not any more.

  2. You should see the Bush Pigs & Land Whales they put as Female news casters on the CBC.

    Bestiality is still being practised up here.

  3. klaus schwab boasts about how over half of trudeau’s cabinet are wef members
    there have been no denials or clarifications to that claim
    I’m abut 150 miles from the canadian border, and I have no plans to ever go there again
    there is talk of their mandating psychiatric treatment for anti mRNA vaxxine people, and also they are pushing euthanasia
    If that is where you are as you read this, get out now

  4. Whenever you watch a Canadian production on TV, at the end of the credits you will always see the notice that it was subsidized by Canadian tax payers.

    The CBC is subsidized by the government but, unlike the BBC, the CBC also shows commercials. Salaries paid to CBC employees is a state secret. Really. On top of that the CBC, along with other MSM news sources, gets subsidizes from the government. Great way to guarantee honest news reporting. No, Rebel News does not get subsidized.


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