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Can’t an Officer Have a Little Fun on the Job?

Riverfront Times

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department has launched an internal investigation in response to a video taken over the weekend showing an officer light up a stogie in the middle of placing a man under arrest. 

That video, originally posted by Voice of the People News, shows the officer pinning the detained man on the ground with his knee. The officer has one hand on the man’s chest and the other on a cigar. 

At one point in the brief video, another cop hands the officer a lighter, which he then uses to light up. Though the detained man makes a minor effort to free himself, the officer doesn’t let that get in the way of a good smoke. More

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  1. I don’t smoke, but when I was a kid, the local mall had an actual tobacco shop with an honest-to-God wooden Indian out front. Polished wooden shelves full of glass jars with various blends and stacks of boxes of cigars and imported cigarettes. Used to stand in the middle of the room and just breathe that aroma in. God, I miss that.

  2. We investigated ourselves and found no wrongdoing.

    Arrested for resisting arrest is legitimate.
    Arrested for trespass with no warning is legitimate.
    Detained pending investigation for a crime that hasn’t been found yet is legitimate.
    Arrested for interfering with no physical interaction is legitimate.
    Arrested for not showing ID is legitimate.
    Arrested for a violation is legitimate.
    Arrested because someone’s feelings were hurt is legitimate.

    Qualified immunity, bitchezz..

  3. Oh My Lord, didn’t the officer consider the perp breathing in secondhand smoke?

    Let’s perform an investigation before the Officer is suspended, the perp files a lawsuit, the city drops the charges and offers a $200,000 settlement.

    St. Louis~~CRAZY TOWN.

  4. For my money, it’s a good look. Suavity, dominance, an intent to have a good time all rolled into the one move. Bro handing him a light shows communal agreement, brotherhood, courtesy between fellows. All good stuff. He was not working for government at the time. House rules within the law apply, not homo-pedo-tranny sucking government rules.

  5. My dad smoked sea-gars. I’ve got a photo of him as a young Marine taken on Midway Island standing in front of a Privateer aircraft while smoking a stogie. He never smoked in the house, though, out of respect for my mom.


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