Can’t you see she’s pooped?

AmericanMirror: Hillary Clinton just wrapped up her one public appearance for the day, and she has nothing else scheduled until Sunday.

With 83 days to go, what’s she doing for the next 96 hours?

She just held a rally in Cleveland, Ohio, where she struggled to fill a high school gymnasium — if it wasn’t for hundreds of students.  MORE

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  1. The Libs are now saying that it’s OK Hillary has smaller crowds, because they’re doing a great job at behind the scenes organizing. Uh huh…

  2. She is so consumed by power and greed that it is literally killing her. In this case, literally is appropriately used.

  3. “With 83 days to go, what’s she doing for the next 96 hours?”

    Hopefully she’s prepping for a big upcoming event in Soon.

  4. RickeyG, they said that in 2012, and they were in fact doing some great behind the scenes organizing. How much of it was legal remains to be seen. I do know they are doing some great behind the scenes work getting hundreds of thousands of Puerto Ricans into Florida to vote for Hillary. Again, how much of that is legal remai s to be seen.

  5. She’s probably getting a full blood transfusion or a shot of B. Isn’t that something that Keith Richards did a few times?

  6. I have my TIVO all ready… catching the moment she chokes out on her own vomit.. eyes rolling back in her satan reaches thru the floor and takes her home!

    Will post on youtube when I have edited in some appropriate music also

  7. @saxinthecity – that was my first thought too.
    I miss Madeline ‘s crany, zany antics.
    I won’t miss Hillary at all.
    OK, I guess I will miss her, like I miss having a silver dollar sized bleeding hemorrhoid.

  8. In her defense she is listening to Crazy Uncle Joe Biden. I mean, really, this guy is boring enough to put a meth addict to sleep.

  9. Does she know that Biden is not there to help her, but is actually in the bullpen? Forget the Kaine-Soros summit meeting. The one to look for is the Biden-Kaine summit meeting.

  10. tell me how hillary is leading in the polls when even those who proclaim to support her do not even attend her rally’s?

    you wouldn’t know she’s even running if not for the msm telling us she is.

    are we sure she isn’t already dead?

  11. The states should order an audit and security check of every voting machine in inventory, to be used or not. Scanning for illegal hardware, software, or cued breakdown agents would be indicative of the Dhimmoratz plan to steal yet ANOTHER election. Wonder when they actually won an honest election for the White Hut?

  12. Those “polls” are cooked like your grandma’s chicken pot pies. I would not believe one poll result published by the gestapo under “Cankles” Goebbels.

  13. son of a bitch! you can see the catheter tube on her right leg again! Is she some Punjab that drinks her own urine?

  14. I’m pretty sure that Rodham-Clinton stole her boiler suit right off of Mao Tse Tung’s rotting corpse. Or maybe it was Kim Il Sung. Whatevs…..

  15. Blazing Saddles – the gift that just keeps on giving.

    And we thought Jeb! Was low energy…

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