Caption, please.


‘Come on, Hil,.. Just kiss it.’

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  1. Of course he’s at an empty desk. I’m never impressed by an empty desk.

    You’re trying to sell me something. Either the desk itself or the idea it elevates my opinion of you somehow. It doesn’t. It’s empty. It’s just for show. What else is fake about you?

  2. Sorry, It’s a caption contest.

    Hillary “Episode” #258. Harry contemplated letting her fall to hasten an end to her misery.

  3. And this is the pose I did for the statue in your picture, well, wait, no, that’s not it. Let me try again, give me a hand, Harry.

  4. Same pose she had when she was leaning on that stanchion during the 9-11 Memorial. Where’re the blue glasses?

  5. “Now Hillary, it’s not nice to grab a woman’s pussy like that – even if Donald Trump can do it. Simmer down, hon, just leave the ladies alone.”

  6. “I noticed the liquor cabinet if full of empty bottles. Would you know anything about that, Hillary?”

  7. Hey Hil, as a parting gift would you give me a Monica. Pelosi had her mouth tightened so much with botox that it hurts my little manhood!

  8. ” I would like to send my sincerest gratitude and appreciation to Ronald McDonald for allowing Grimace to be here today”

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