Carter Page, on eve of DOJ IG report, says findings will only tell ‘part’ of the story


Former Trump adviser Carter Page told Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures” that the Department of Justice Inspector General (IG) report on alleged FBI surveillance abuses, set to be released on Monday, will only tell “part of the story.”

Inspector General Michael Horowitz has found evidence that an FBI lawyer manipulated a key investigative document related to the FBI’s secretive surveillance of Page in 2016 and 2017 — enough to change the substantive meaning of the document, according to multiple reports last month.

“I think we’ll learn part of the story tomorrow,” Page told host Maria Bartiromo. “What I’ve learned from some of the leakers and one of the papers of record; a top reporter there said there’s a lot of exculpatory evidence that’s remaining classified, and there’s been internal battles.”

Page said he “kept getting” calls from reports in the summer of 2016 asking about “totally false” Democrat-funded allegations about his Russia connections. Page told Fox News in June that U.S. intelligence informant Stefan Halper “intensified” communications with him as the FBI worked to obtain its surveillance warrant against him, shortly after he and Halper met for the first time at a research institute symposium in Cambridge, England, in July 2016.

In its initial 2016 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant application, the FBI flatly called Page “an agent of a foreign power.” Page has never been charged with any wrongdoing.

“I had a longstanding relationship with Professor Halper,” Page said. “I always believe in ‘innocent until proven guilty,’ but my conversations with him intensified right in the month before my illegitimate FISA warrant in September 2016, when all these defamatory articles are being placed by the [Democratic National Committee].” MORE

2 Comments on Carter Page, on eve of DOJ IG report, says findings will only tell ‘part’ of the story

  1. I suspect Carter wasn’t a “valued” Naval Intel officer.

    That fact he was setup by the likes of fatass Halper, and still “gave him the benefit of the doubt” as to motives, renders his Intel spidey sense deficient

    Of note, it appears his wiki page has been revised by someone with “insider knowledge” to preempt the release of today’s Horowitz rpt.

    Same with wiki “Trump Dossier” page, which was revised in the wee hours of this morning.

    Now I know what Peter Strozk is doing post FBI.

  2. Sundance is saying pretty much the same thing. The media is try to conflate a very limited-scope, toothless investigation by proven Deep State whitewasher Horowitz, with the much broader investigation being done by Durham, who has actual prosecutorial powers. If Lisa Page is flapping her big gums, there can’t be too much in the Horowitz report.

    I predict the media usage of “nothingburger” will spike around 1:30 today.


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